Monthly Favourites: June 2016
By Felicity Newburry

01 July 2016

It's time to say goodbye to June.As the days of the year are counting down,the layers of clothing we wear arecounting up. Perfect time of year to get inside and read a blog article.The end of every month provides a great opportunity to look back on all the amazing, creative ideas that come from the wedding world. June has brought us stunning garden-themed weddings and plenty of metallic tones. Grab a cup of tea and read away!

The Theme: Garden of Eden

We love botanical looks, so it goes without saying that we love this theme even more! This is a theme where the ceremony and reception are absolutely drenched in florals, but not the meticulously arranged kind – rather the undone, loosely arranged and very natural feeling kind. The Garden of Eden theme is so romantic and photos taken in these sorts of settings make the bridal party look as though they’re straight of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As it gets colder out side, we are hoping this beautiful theme can survive the transition to indoor venues!

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The Colour: Metallics 

Bronze, gold, silver – metallic looks have been huge this month! We’ve seen gold painted cakes, bridesmaids in bronze dresses and brides even opting for silver dresses over traditional white! This trend gives the opportunity to look expensive and luxurious, without actually adding any extra expense to your budget! So, not only is it highly fashionable, but it’s a potential budget saver - what more could you want?

Metalic, bride, bridal, fashion, wedding, wellington

The Dress: The Column

Gone are the full skirts – instead the dress of the month has been the column-look. These dresses are lending brides a svelte, elegant look with a wonderful silhouette to boot. Be sure to check out this trend when you go dress shopping, it may be just what you are looking for!

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The Hair: Buns

Loose locks were not on top like they usually are this month. Instead we saw brides donning beautiful buns and it was fantastic! With the wintery wind picking up, buns make far more sense, but not only this, they also look chic, elegant and can hold a veil or barrette better than a loose look can. It’s a win-win!

buns, hair, wedding, fashion, style, bride, bridal

The Acsessories: Babies Breath

Babies Breath and in abundance – that is where it was this month! This elegant, understated, little flower looks beautiful decorating just about anything, from aisles to cakes and centerpieces! Another great thing about Babies Breath is that it’s superb at filling or bulking out bouquets and other floral arrangements!

babies breath, flowers, floral, wedding, bride

The Rich and the Famous: Liu Shishi & Nicky Wu

This month, photos were released of Taiwanesse singer and actor Nicky Wu and Chinese actor Liu Shishi’s pre-wedding shoot! They came to our shores in February with the highly esteemed fashion photographer Liy Zongyuan and set up shoot in our very own Waitomo caves! The couple wanted to take dazzling photos ahead of their nuptials for their guests - as is custom in Chinese wedding culture – and dazzling photos they were! Given the fame of Zongyuan who has worked for Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Esquire and the celebrities' his images feature, all of this is sure to make an impact on Waitomo tourism! We just can’t wait to see what images come out of this high profile couple’s wedding coming up in Bali!

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 Link Love

Cutest Wedding Clip

This clip was posted on our Facebook Page a few weeks back. Here in our studio we couldn't stop watching it and we couldn't help but fall in love. 'First Look' videos are so adorable and they are definitely something to consider for your wedding. Click on the video below to watch Sam and Jen's First Look by Firetale Films

Top Performing Article 

How to Plan an Urban Chic Wedding: This article captures the essence of a modern wedding. The theme is really catching on and will doubtless continue to sweep the nation as a popular wedding theme. The wedding industry has transformed last year's very popular "vintage theme" into this hot new urban chic theme. If you want to learn more and have a good read while you're at it, click here.  

Wedding Song 

This song has been in every romantic movie released this month, it's impossible to hear it without thinking of long lasting love. The song is Photograph by Ed Sheeran. Click here to listen. You might need to sit down for it - the video is rather sweet.