Wellington Wedding Videographers
By Raashka Mannie

06 August 2020

Forever and always is what you say when you get married; forever and always is what wedding videographers capture when you get married.

Because who else will preserve your special day in a blaze of cinematographic glory? Gone are the times of a lone camera in the corner of the room, static and unfeeling. Wedding videography has quickly evolved into contemporary art, with specialists that take it to the next level - some of the best of which can be found in Wellington. Your wedding will be filmed precisely how you please, with wedding videography experts at your side to make sure that all that love is caught on camera, from the shimmering outfits to the tears of joy. Below is our curated list of wedding videographers in Wellington that can make that dream come true.


Patina Photo + Film

Image by Patina Photo + Film

Nothing says wedding videography like Patina Photo + Film, a duo that is committed to capturing the fantastic celebration that is your wedding day. They believe a wedding is the most fabulous party you'll ever throw, and this idea drives everything about their business. Patina Photo + Film are authentic photographers and filmmakers, aiming to capture the vibe and feel of your wedding day - a wedding film that is, in a nutshell, as cool as you are. "Fast cuts, great music, no cheese - simply all the feels from the greatest party you'll ever throw," is their pledge, and, boy, they know how to deliver!


Avodah Photo + Cinema

Image by Avodah Photo + Cinema

Based in Palmerston North and established in 2012, Avodah Photo + Cinema are ever-growing wedding videographers. Award-winning, passionate and genuine, they are a team of creatives that prides themselves on fresh ideas and new takes on the traditions of wedding photography and wedding videography. They began as a husband and wife duo, quickly evolving into a team that welcomes all couples looking for creative wedding videography. With their contemporary style and unique ways of photography and filmmaking, it's easy to see why Avodah Photo + Cinema are favourites in the Wellington wedding videography scene.