Wellington Wedding Photography - The 2020 Guide
By Raashka Mannie

14 August 2020

Wedding photography is the all-essential and endlessly important key to reliving your big day, capturing moments and turning them into memories.

There's so much to wedding photography. There are different styles to capture different emotions and different personalities. Marc Riboud said it best with, "Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second." In those brief moments, the ones that feel like forever and a heartbeat at the same time, it's your wedding photographer's job to ensure that you'll have a keepsake like none other for the rest of your life.

Wellington is fortunate to have a treasure trove of talented wedding photographers, each with their own unique take on wedding photography. Most of them love to travel here, there and everywhere for the perfect photo - your wedding can give them that chance. Check out our comprehensive guide to Wellington wedding photographers below.


Bonnie Photographics

Image by Bonnie Photographics

Bonnie Photographics has been in the business of wedding photography since 2014. Starting as a photographer for newborns, she naturally branched into events and weddings as she discovered her passion for them. "Weddings certainly do (even still) have an epic effect on me," she says. "As a photographer. Capturing those fleeting, magical moments and making them last forever is a feeling like none other." Bonnie Photographics has a natural, candid style of wedding photography, with her goal being for everyone at your special day to feel relaxed and at ease. She likes blending into the background and capturing your day as organically as possible, letting everything unfold in all its beauty.


Avodah Photo + Cinema

Image by Avodah Photo + Cinema

Settled in Palmerston North but happy travellers, Avodah Photo + Cinema have been around for the last 7 years, capturing Wellington weddings and beyond with a keen eye for detail. Avodah Photo + Cinema is comprised of an award-winning team dedicated to both wedding photography and videography. "We love to push the creative boundaries and are constantly on the lookout for new, contemporary ways to tell stories," they say. Once just as a husband and wife team, Avodah Photo + Cinema has quickly grown into a collective of creatives that adore weddings and connecting with their clients, delivering wedding photography that will leave you breathless.


Photography by Andie

Image by Photography by Andie

Wedding photography is as dreamy as it gets with Photography by Andie. She believes that wedding photography is not just about those big moments filled with fireworks, but also the little details that mean a thousand wonderful things. There's so much spontaneity and love on your special day, so capturing all of that is essential to his process. "I love using natural light, gorgeous colours and classic black and white to capture emotion and tell your story with your photographs," she says. Photography by Andie understands the importance that wedding photography plays in making the memories of your wedding day last forever, which is why she's one of Wellington's favourite wedding photographers.


Kirsten Walsh

Image by Kirsten Walsh

A fun-loving Wellington wedding photographer that's been around for over a decade, Kirsten Walsh is as experienced as she is passionate. With her, wedding photography is a seamless experience of connection and understanding, with pre-wedding meetings so she can ensure she captures your big day through the lens of your personality. "I will showcase your day just as it unfolds, getting all those genuine, authentic moments providing you with beautiful memories of your very special day," says Kirsten Walsh. Knowing how much time you spend with your wedding photographer, she is keen to have you feeling relaxed and happy to ensure that your imagery is as gorgeous as can be.


Michelle Davies Photography

Image by Michelle Davies Photography

The centre of all Michelle Davies Photography's work is real happiness. The very essence of joy can be found in wedding photography, and it is her goal to capture this. She works tirelessly with you to find those golden moments in your day, preserving them and guaranteeing that your wedding photography is a stunning tale of your special day. "My photography is about embracing the simple moments and appreciating the uniqueness of a person – the quirks – to develop something that isn't perfectly posed or manufactured, but real," she shares. Michelle Davies Photography has over a decade of experience when it comes to wedding photography in Wellington and beyond, and has worked over 100 weddings in that time, adding that she cannot imagine a life away from the lens.


Patina Photo + Film

Image by Patina Photo + Film

One of Wellington's most beloved dynamic duos, Patina Photo + Film is a husband and wife team that has paired up to capture your wedding in a stunning display of art. Both wedding photographers and videographers, they travel all around New Zealand following their passion. "We believe a wedding is the greatest party you'll ever throw; this idea drives everything about our business," they say. To Patina Photo + Film, the best weddings are all about amazing experiences, from having a delicious cake with your loved ones to burning up the dance floor. They want to capture those moments - those ones full of pure, undiluted emotions - and give you a keepsake you'll never forget. Everything about their wedding photography is authentic and artistic, with a perspective on weddings that is unlike any other.


Ryan McCauley Photography

Image by Ryan McCauley Photography

Ryan McCauley Photography has been a growing Wellington wedding photographer for the last 7 years. He believes in learning, understanding and the fluidity of love. To him, love takes so many forms in so many couples, ever-changing but consistently gorgeous, and this shines through in his wedding photography. "Love is not rigid, fixed and fastened, it's passionate, spontaneous, messy, soft-spoken and loud and proud at the same time," he says. "It's as diverse as the people I photograph and that what excites me the most." The most important part of Ryan McCauley's wedding photography is documenting your big day as unobtrusively and honestly as possible.


Jaymee Photography

Image by Jaymee Photography

Have a photographer that knows what's most important to you - that's the key to guaranteeing perfect wedding photography, according to the seasoned Jaymee Photography. She is here to immortalise your story in all its glory while keeping everything easy and breezy for you and your loved ones. "The style of photography that resonates with me the most comes from a place of realness, laughter and love - because this is what brings us together!" she says. Based in Wellington, Jaymee's wedding photography takes her up, down and around. She also works closely with her partner to craft lovely wedding videography, which is always a bonus when thinking about your big day.


Rainer Macalister Photography

Image by Rainer Macalister Photography

You can experience one of the greatest days of your life over and over again with Rainer Macalister Photography. Story-rich and vivid, this Wellington wedding photographer believes in natural, candid imagery that captures you and your partner in all your glory. From stunning portraits to easygoing family photos, you're in the hands of an expert with Rainer Macalister Photography. Wedding photography is all about looking back at that day and remembering those moments that made you laugh, cry and smile, as well as looking at hidden moments of joy that might have slipped under the radar. Working alongside talented local videographers, Rainer Macalister Photography brings you sublime wedding photography and videography.


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