Trending: Pop-Up Weddings and Their Many Benefits

Only recently have pop-up weddings have been available in New Zealand but the concept has established itself as a model that is here to stay. Bringing together an effortlessly styled venue, all the logistics required for a stunning ceremony and reception, and professional photography to capture it all, the pop-up wedding comes with everything you want on your day on a scale that keep things intimate yet memorable. But the perks of a pop-up event don’t start and end with ease of planning - read on to find out all the reasons why pop-up weddings may be the future for many New Zealand brides.


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Planning all the components of a wedding from scratch can feel like a marathon. Finding available (and experienced) vendors on the date of your event, negotiating separate contracts with each of them, and finalising bookings can take a lot more time and energy than you may have to spare. The beauty of a pop-up wedding is that it comes with a complete set of the services needed; you can get all the details sorted with minimal stress and maximum efficiency. 


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Since the majority of the time-consuming logistics are taken care of for you as part of the pop-up service, you have the freedom to prioritise what’s important. Typically for most pop-up weddings, all you need to bring are rings, marriage license, your soon-to-be, and your nearest and dearest - which, at the heart of it, are the most important elements of a meaningful celebration of this milestone. And if there are particular components of the pop-up package in which you’d like to invest more, many pop-up services have add-on options. 


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With the typical pop-up wedding running for a duration of 1.5-2 hours, they’re a perfect option for those hoping to keep their event short and sweet. Not everyone wants (or can endure) a multi-day festival with all the various members of their extended families and social networks. Modern Kiwi couples are re-defining what their dream wedding looks like and represents, often resisting the pressures to conform to the extravagant kinds of events portrayed via social media and opting for something that’s more true to themselves. Not to mention, once the ceremony is over, there is nothing stopping you from having your own reception that can run into the wee hours of the morning. 


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The nature of a pop-up service means that you essentially divide the costs of the services by the number of other couples who are getting married that day. This means you can have the intimate ceremony, the reception, and the photography session… all without the debt many spend years paying off. More and more couples are opting for this chic, financially-savvy alternative to the traditional wedding. 


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Beautiful weddings aren’t just about the aesthetics but also the values behind them. And for an increasing number of New Zealand brides, sustainability is a core part of what they stand for. A pop-up wedding is part of a business structure that reduces waste (one set of decorations/florals is used for several weddings) as well as carbon emissions (the resources and vendors travel once to and from a single venue), so you can start your marriage off with the great feeling of knowing your celebrations were better for the planet than a traditional wedding.

This article was originally published on Auckland Weddings by Maria Yeonhee Ji

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