Real Weddings

Nam and Tiery
The Bresolin

Photography by Jake Pears-Scown

“Tiery and I had completely different opinions regarding what a wedding should be like, but, ultimately, what mattered most to us was that the other person was happy. To be completely honest, Tiery didn’t want a wedding at all! We reached a compromise and decided to throw a wedding party instead. All we wanted was a fun night with friends and family, filled with great food, drinks, and music. The Bresolin ticked all the boxes for us. The courtyard is intimate and beautiful, with a cosy fireplace and amazing food. We wanted something elegant and simple, so we bought bulk of our flowers from Flower Manuela and I did the arrangements with Tiery’s mom the night before. It was super fun. Our siblings also strung up fairy lights – an hour before the party, if you’d believe it. Tiery wore a jacket he’d bought years ago, and I found a lovely dress online from Reformation. They make great sustainable and affordable bridal dresses. During our photoshoot before the party, we got caught in some classic Wellington wind and my hair and makeup needed some serious touching up. Luckily, Jake (our photographer) was a star and drove us back to the house where I could get fixed up. My incredible friends helped me get ready just in time for the party. When I look back at it, having our family from Canada and Fiji together in one place was probably one of the best feelings in the world.”

Thanks to all the contributing vendors:

Photography: Jake Pears-Scown