Real Weddings

Michelle and Diggy
Embassy Theatre

Photography by Perspectives Photo + Cinema

Diggy and Michelle love the movies, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise that their wedding was held at the stunning Embassy Theatre. During the ceremony, they even watched a compilation of some of their favourite movies on the big screen. Definitely something worth getting the popcorn out for! Diggy and Michelle are fun, humorous and will quite easily banter about nothing in particular. They love their animals, so much so they have one each: “Yours” and “Mine”! It was nice to see those handkerchiefs come in so useful during the ceremony, so props to Michelle. With their reception at the Foxglove on Queens Wharf, it meant that everything was kept nice and central – with the added use of downtown Wellington as an urban playground. Michelle and Diggy really embraced their passions and, in the end, showed us that if life were a movie, love is the best part.

Thanks to all the contributing vendors:

Venue: Embassy Theatre
Photography: Perspectives Photo + Cinema