Real Weddings

Kimaya and Ben
The Library Bar and Public Trust Hall

Photography by Patina Photo + Film and Ruth Holly Photography

"As a part of my teacher training, I was based at a high school where Ben was already teaching. We first met in the staffroom early in the year, but I didn't really get to know him until we were both helping with the school show. After a while, I asked him out for a drink. He organised the first date, and everything just fell into place. Over our summer holidays in 2019, we planned a trip to America. The proposal was simple and perfect. Right before Christmas, we were at a rooftop bar called Cindy's in Chicago. We had just won a pub quiz downstairs at a different bar and moved upstairs for more drinks on our last night there. Ben pulled the ring out of his wallet - which made me crazy that he'd had it the whole time - and he simply just asked. I immediately burst into tears, said yes, then ran off to the bar to get champagne. Afterwards, we stood outside in freezing temperatures to take my favourite photo from the trip. We wanted a wedding that represented us as a couple. As we planned, we made sure we never settled for anything less than what we both wanted. That's how we ended up with a gin bar at the reception! Since we had decided to have our wedding in the middle of July, we knew there was a chance the weather would be shocking, so everything we had planned was indoors. Lo and behold, there was a once-in-a-decade storm. Rob from Executive Private Transport changed his schedule to drive us to the venue in the pouring rain and then came back to take us for photos after the ceremony. The van was an absolute party! He had decorations, lights and music going the whole time, which really made us and the bridal party feel fantastic. Our first date had been at The Library Bar, on the back left table under the main bookshelf, so we reached out to ask if we could have the ceremony at the venue. We try to get that table whenever we go back because it represents the start of everything for us. Incidentally, we used it as the signing table for the wedding, when all other furniture was removed, which just made everything full circle and perfect. At the end of the ceremony, we walked back down the aisle to "Still Want You" by Brandon Flowers. Early in our relationship, Ben sent me the song, and it worked flawlessly to sum up how we were both feeling. We still often use the lyrics as terms of endearment."

Thanks to all the contributing vendors:

Photography: Ruth Holly Photography
Associate photography: Patina Photo + Film
Ceremony venue: The Library Bar
Reception venue: Public Trust Hall
Transport: Executive Private Transport