Pets at Weddings: Allow us to Convince You

By Brieonie Jenkins

“Never work with children or animals” is the famous show biz line. Your wedding day is often one of the biggest productions you’ll be a part of (let alone organise), so does this mean you should leave the pets at home? Of course not! Many couples include their fur babies in their nuptials; they’re part of the family too!

Image by Anna Munro Photography

There are loads of ways to include your pet in your big day. The ceremony and formal photos are the most common and easiest places to feature animals. The role of ring bearer or flower girl can be taken by any small animal like dogs, goats or even cute kune kunes!

Larger animals, like horses, are better suited to the formal photos. It’s best to take the photos in their usual environment to avoid any logistical hassles of transporting them to your dream location and then home again.

pets at weddings

Image by Benjamin & Elise Photographers

pets at weddings

Image by Anna Munro Photography

Flower garlands aren’t just a big trend for brides; they also look gorgeous as ‘formal attire’ for your pets. Your male furry friends might prefer a bow tie - this is also an option!

Our four legged friends have different requirements than the rest of your wedding party. While you already do a great job of caring for them day to day, it’s a different story at a big event when there are a million other things going on.

pets at weddings

Image by Anna Munro Photography

dog at wedding

Image by We Do Photography & Design

pets at weddings

Image by Sarah McEvoy Photography

The most important thing to remember is to designate a nanny for your furry friends. This person should already be familiar with them and will be responsible for food, water, shade, clean up and getting them home at a reasonable hour.

It’s best to consider your pet’s personality when determining their role and possible accessories. Even the most personable pet can become overwhelmed when they’re around a lot of people, and you don’t want your poor pooch frozen at the end of the aisle because they’re in a unfamiliar (no matter how adorable) collar.

wedding pets

Image by Anna Munro Photography

animals at weddings

Image by Anna Munro Photography

Vitally important but often overlooked is the venue’s animal policy. Be sure to check beforehand that your venue is pet friendly. Remember, just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean your furry friends are welcome. Check with the venue beforehand, or if you’re in a public area, check the local council website for any restrictions.

Can’t bring them to the ceremony? No worries! You can still include them in your photography.

animals at weddings

Image by We Do Photography & Design

animals at weddings

Image by Benjamin & Elise Photographers


Benjamin and Elise love marriage and are excited to be present when new couples take the leap! They want you to feel relaxed and have the time of your life so they can capture the best memories on film. Working with natural light allows the atmosphere of the day to shine through, and between the two of them, they won’t miss a moment of fun and emotion or a single, gorgeous detail.


Cutting-edge and creative, Jason and Aneta aren’t your usual wedding photographers. They specialise in clean and crisp modern documentary style photography with a creative flair. They’re dedicated to capturing unique images while making you feel like rock stars!


Walking the line between fly on the wall and instructor, Anna Munro knows all the tricks to capture the best parts of your day (and to make you look your best!). She wants to find the big moments, but she’ll also discover the little moments that often sneak past unnoticed, the ones that make up the full story. 


Photography is Sarah's passion. Her goal is to tell the story of your wedding by capturing the emotions and spirit of the day in her photos, with an emphasis on journalistic, documentary style coverage. It's all about the natural moments - the hugs, the laughter, and the animated conversations that make up your day. "I'll be there just noticing, paying attention, clicking away, while you're having the best day of your life!"

pets at weddings

Image by We Do Photography & Design

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