You Just Got Engaged... Now What?
By Felicity Newburry

01 November 2015

So you just got engaged? Congratulations! This is an exciting and wonderful time in your life, full of so much love and possibility! They say couples experience a honeymoon phase during the first year of marriage, but in all truth, the bliss of being newly engaged is a wonderful phase of it’s own as well! However, while everything feels like you’re on cloud nine right now, this is also a very important stage of your relationship and marriage preparations! Here is some valuable advice for those of you in your first few months of engagement.

Absorb the moment first!

While it may be tempting to scream your news from the rooftops, take a moment to just absorb this incredible moment with your beloved. You’ve both just decided to embark on a lifelong journey together and this might be something that the two of you want to quietly enjoy alone for a bit before you make any public declarations.

Hold off on the Facebook announcement

While social media is a fantastic way to communicate with loved ones, it can also prove to be a real hassle. If you want to make an announcement on Facebook, consider first what this may entail. While you’ll get bucket loads of well-wishers and congratulations, situations such as acquaintances assuming they’ll be invited to the wedding and a lot of unsolicited advice will appear. This leads into our next tip.

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Brace yourself

Be prepared for a thousand questions and advice you didn’t ask for. Humans love to connect and share their experiences and this may mean your beloved’s eccentric great-aunt gives you rather outdated marital advice after one too many glasses of wine.  You will also likely be asked questions such as “Am I in the wedding?” or “Am I invited?” It’s important not to feel pressured to answer these questions with yes’s if you don’t actually know the details of the wedding yet or you honestly don’t want the person involved. A good answer is something polite, such as, “We haven’t actually finalized any of the details but we are keeping it pretty small.”

Insure the ring

If a beautiful perk of your engagement was receiving a stunning and expensive ring – get that thing insured! Even better, if you don’t have joint insurance as a couple, now is a great time to take that step.

engagement party

Consider a family-only get-together

Before you think about throwing an engagement party to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, first consider a small, family get-together. If you haven’t yet told them your big news, this would be a wonderful way to do it! It gives both families time to share in their excitement and joy for you and it also gives them time alone with the two of you. They won’t have an opportunity such as this at an engagement party due to the hordes of well-wishing friends who will be as equally excited for you and demanding of your attention.

Now you can throw an engagement bash!

After celebrating quietly with you nearest and dearest, now would be the right time to party it up with your extended friends and family! Don’t get too stressed about the planning. An engagement party can usually happen anywhere, so long as there are drinks, nibbles and good company.

Strengthen that bond

As cheesy as this may sound, it is a hugely beneficial idea to go to premarital counseling during this phase. This will give the two of you an opportunity to talk about the big step you’re taking and how you intend to take on the challenges of your future. If you’re really not keen on this idea, then at least consider a mini-break together so you can spend some time completely alone with each other and without any responsibilities to worry about before the big day.


Start drafting

So, you’ve insured your ring, you’ve shared your news, you’ve spent sometime getting closer and honest with each other – now is the time to start making small arrangements. Draft up a guest list together and discuss the budget.

Do some research

Think about both of your commitments in every day life – do you lead hectic lives? Do you work long hours? Have children? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is wise to get some organizational assistance in planning your wedding. Avenues to explore are wedding apps or websites, or better yet – your budget may allow for a wedding planner. Planners are truly worth their weight in gold.

Enjoy the process!

Whatever happens, try to keep it foremost in your mind that this is meant to be a fun and exciting part of your lives together. Don’t let any other people or any other concerns stress you out and take the enjoyment of this process away from you. Breathe, cuddle lots, and make the most of this time! 

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