Personality Quiz: What's Your Perfect Bridal Look?
By Luke Ellery

14 July 2016

We have partnered up with Lipstick & Co to bring you a quick and easy personality quiz. The quiz will determine a"look" you could use onyour wedding day to reflect your personality.There are 8 sections below:under each title, select the number thatmost represents who you are andkeep a record of the numbers you select. Good luck!

Image by Patina Photography

Your Ideal Summer’s day out:

  1. Finding a beach, the closest one you can. All day you sit on the sand, read, swim, and surf. You might even stay there till sunset.
  2. Hit up a second hand bookstore. You the kind of girl that can waste away hours flicking through dusty pages. The idea that some mystery person from the past held the very book that you are holding excites you.
  3. Shopping on Queen Street. You keep going until your shopping bags get too heavy. New things! There is no better way to spend a day.
  4. Bush walk, the bright greens and blue skies of the New Zealand landscape is all you crave. Hearing the birds chirping and knowing they get to live out every day in their perfect natural environment makes you a little jealous.
  5. You find out what is on in Auckland, and you go. Whether it is a new show at the civic, a food festival in Aotea Square, or an exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery you are so there. Look out Fashion Week 2016!


Favourite Colour:

  1. Faded-bone whites and light browns. The kind of colour that continues to look great when it is exposed to sunlight!
  2. Light pastel colours. You like your colours easy going and not to rich. You don’t need bright colours to catch eyes.
  3. Black, and heavy contrast. You love mixing in the occasional bright and eye capturing colours into your wardrobe too!
  4. Greens, browns, and soft blues. The colours that remind you of the world.
  5. Metallic coulours and dark shades. Urban and modern colours that look great no matter the occasion.


The Item of Clothing You Can’t Live Without:

  1. The denim jacket you have had for years; keeps you warm-ish in winter and looks cool in summer.
  2. A woolen cardigan. Nothing too fancy, but it always looks cute and it has character.
  3. The dress that hugs you in all the right places but still feels classy.
  4. A classic pair of jeans that fit you like a dream, you can wear them anywhere. They have travelled with you to all your favourite places.
  5. A well-fitted leather jacket. You can wear it all day and all night. Dress it up, or dress it down. It’s versatile just like you.


Which of these love songs would you listen to right now?

  1. Home - Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros
  2. My Girl - Temptations
  3. Crazy in Love - Beyoncé
  4. Make you Feel My Love - Adele
  5. Can’t Feel My Face – The Weekend


Favourite Flower:

  1. Ranunculus
  2. Hydrangeas
  3. Peony
  4. Daisy
  5. Protea

Beverage of Choice:

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Champagne
  4. Fresh juice/ smoothie
  5. Red wine


Go-to Bridal Hair Accessory

  1. Wired hair vine
  2. Birdcage veil or pearl hair comb
  3. Tiara or jeweled clip
  4. Fresh flowers
  5. Golden leaf headband


Your Spirit Animal:

  1. Deer
  2. Owl
  3. Peacock
  4. Horse
  5. Spider

You finished! If you answered mostly see look A, if you answered mostly see look B, mostly see look C, mostly see look D, or if you answered mostly see look E. Enjoy your looks!

Look A: The Boho Chic

You are a low maintenance unique beauty who loves the simple things in life. The best hairstyle to reflect this would be soft messy curls or a tousled messy updo with Braids. For your makeup its best to opt for a style that will look great all day without having to touch up every half an hour since thats way to much hassle for a laid back Bride like you. Chose a light to medium coverage satin finish foundation (unless you're used to wearing a full coverage). Your eyes would be best with soft bronze and brown shadows and lots of individual fluffy lashes. Pair this with pale pink blush, lots of highlighter and a pale pink/nude gloss.Your Wedding day touch up bag won't need to consist of too much since you won't like having to touch up anyway. All you need is blotting paper and your chosen lip gloss to touch up after eating and drinking.

Boho Princess, Bridal, makeup, wedding, style

Look B: The Classic Beauty

You are a timeless beauty and as such would be best in something timeless or vintage inspired. For your hair you want to keep it smooth, shiny and elegant. Vintage waves or a sleek up-do. For your makeup choose a long lasting medium coverage matte foundation (unless your used to wearing a full coverage). Chose matte products for your eyes, lips and cheeks for their timeless look and incredible staying power. If you have dry skin though be sure to use a hydrating primer and moisturiser 10 minutes before applying your makeup. A thin winged liner looks great for that extra vintage effect if you have the confidence for it. Your touch up bag for the day won't need to have too much since you've gone for matte products but you will definitely need a mini bottle of hair spray for and misbehaving flyways, blotting powder and your signature lippy.

Vintage Girl, Bridal, makeup, wedding, style

Look C: The Glam Queen

You are always flawless and on your Wedding day everything must be on point. Your hair should be glamorous, shiny and have lots of volume. Weather you opt for your hair down in big soft, defined curls or a big sleek romantic up do it must be able to last all day so use lots of long lasting styling products and always have a bridesmaid with hair spray on hand. Your makeup should be flawless and dramatic. Go for a full coverage matte foundation (unless you really can't handle full coverage). Shimmery or glittery shadows will look amazing on your eyes and make sure you choose individual volume lashes to really draw attention to those eyes. Contouring and highlighting will really bring out your bone structure and will look great in photos (just make sure theres no harsh lines). Your touch up bag will need to include, blotting powder, hair spray, extra bobby pins and your chosen lipstick for the day. 

Glam Queen, Bridal, makeup, wedding, style

Look D: The Natural Beauty

You love nature and are a romantic romantic at heart. You want to be true to yourself so stick to hair and makeup that just enhances your natural beauty. For your foundation stick to a sheer coverage glowing foundation nothing too heavy or matte. Your eyes will look best with soft matte of satin nude tones with some fluffy individual lashes and a hint of darkness at your lash line to make your eyes stand out without having to wear much makeup at all. Go for a hint of blush and bronzer for a natural glow and pair with a tinted lip balm or a hydrating lipstick. You won't like having to touch up during the day so all you need is blotting paper and your chosen lip balm or lipstick to touch up after eating and drinking. 

Natural Beauty, Bridal, makeup, wedding, style

Look E: Modern Edge 

You're always on trend so why would your wedding day be any different? Your hair should be soft and effortless. Either all down with textured curls or in a high messy bun. For your foundation choose a medium to full coverage satin foundation for your base. Make sure to have a beautiful glowing highlighter and rich contour for a beautiful base. Fill in your brows and go for a highly pigmented shimmery shadow for your eyes or a bold lip (not both). Your touch up bag will need to include, blotting powder, and your chosen lipstick for the day.

edgy bride, modern, style, lipstick and co