Wellington Wedding Videographers - The 2020 Guide
By Raashka Mannie

06 August 2020

Forever and always is what you say when you get married; forever and always is what wedding videographers capture when you get married.

Because who else will preserve your special day in a blaze of cinematographic glory? Gone are the times of a lone camera in the corner of the room, static and unfeeling. Wedding videography has quickly evolved into contemporary art, with specialists that take it to the next level - some of the best of which can be found in Wellington. Your wedding will be filmed precisely how you please, with wedding videography experts at your side to make sure that all that love is caught on camera, from the shimmering outfits to the tears of joy. Below is our curated list of the wedding videographers in Wellington that can make that dream come true.


Sink or Surface

Image by Sink or Surface

The one and only goal of Sink or Surface is to document your wedding day. A wedding videographers based in Wellington, these wedding films showcase your day in chronological order, giving you and your loved ones the full and stunning story of your wedding day. Including slow-motion details that are edited to the carefully-selected and tweaked personal soundtrack, each film focuses on capturing your "memories to music." Sink or Surface is project-orientated, wholly dedicated to your wedding and promising you wedding videography that is out of this world.


Patina Photo + Film

Image by Patina Photo + Film

Nothing says wedding videography like Patina Photo + Film, a duo that is committed to capturing the fantastic celebration that is your wedding day. They believe a wedding is the most fabulous party you'll ever throw, and this idea drives everything about their business. Patina Photo + Film are authentic photographers and filmmakers, aiming to capture the vibe and feel of your wedding day - a wedding film that is, in a nutshell, as cool as you are. "Fast cuts, great music, no cheese - simply all the feels from the greatest party you'll ever throw," is their pledge, and, boy, they know how to deliver!


Avodah Photo + Cinema

Image by Avodah Photo + Cinema

Based in Palmerston North and established in 2012, Avodah Photo + Cinema are ever-growing wedding videographers. Award-winning, passionate and genuine, they are a team of creatives that prides themselves on fresh ideas and new takes on the traditions of wedding photography and wedding videography. They began as a husband and wife duo, quickly evolving into a team that welcomes all couples looking for creative wedding videography. With their contemporary style and unique ways of photography and filmmaking, it's easy to see why Avodah Photo + Cinema are favourites in the Wellington wedding videography scene.


Traveller Audio & Visual

Image by Traveller Audio & Visual

Wedding videography enthusiasts, Traveller Audio & Visual is relatively new on the scene. Based in Wellington, they began as a mobile business to accommodate musicians and creatives all around New Zealand. The founder, Karl, has a strong background in music and is a certified audiophile, which has since bled into videography. Working closely with Jaymee Photography, Traveller Audio & Visual now offers emotive and stunning wedding videography alongside beautiful photography. Their package includes it all, covering the audiovisual aspects of your wedding memories from start to finish, with highlight films that encapsulate the beauty of your wedding day.


Michael Lahood

Image by Michael Lahood

Emotions run high during weddings - Michael Lahood is here to make sure they last forever. Based in Wellington, he is a dedicated cinematographer. He works for both corporate and personal events and occasions. His wedding videographer concentrates on authentic moments, feelings and the honest preservation of your special day. Michael Lahood creates wedding videography that will mean everything and more to you, helping you to relive the day with a specialised soundtrack and a seamless, professional feeling throughout. With Michael Lahood, your wedding videography is a cinematic experience.


Jono Tucker Photography

Image by Jono Tucker Photography

Don't let the name fool you - Jono Tucker Photography is more than just brilliant wedding photography. In fact, he specialises in wedding videography. Based in Wellington, his work is all about staying creative and innovative, which is why he's been booked for more than 50 weddings in the last 2 years. He focuses on things that matter to the couples he works with, blending into the background and capturing your day as naturally as possible. Jono Tucker Photography creates comprehensive wedding videography of your day, keeping the story and emotions intact, letting the story shape the film instead of technology. He works closely with couples to tailor their wedding videography for them, so it's more elegant, fun and memorable.


Aaron & Isabel Wedding Films

Image by Aaron & Isabel Wedding Films

Located in Wellington, Aaron & Isabel Wedding Films is here to do exactly as their name suggests: present you with gorgeous wedding cinematography. A husband and wife team, they're professional wedding videographers that are dedicated to their craft. They're passionate about capturing your special day on film and editing it into an inspiring masterpiece that will bring a tear to your eye for years and years. Aaron & Isabel Wedding Films have a relaxed documentary approach to capturing your wedding day and will step back and let those magical moments naturally unfold.



Image by RocksandPebbles

A whirlwind of love and feelings can only be preserved on film, which is what RocksandPebbles is all about. They're artists, passionate about expressing this through their lenses. This team of creatives has a wide range, from funky and unique to streamlined and modern, they have designers, filmmakers, florists and more that make up their wedding videography squad. RocksandPebbles offers you both Cinematic Films, which includes highlights of your wedding day weaving images, music and emotions, as well as Feature Films, which are longer versions of the cinematic wedding film that includes additional details of the wedding and reception.


Brady Dyer Photography

Image by Brady Dyer Photography

Starting as a Wellington wedding photographer, Brady Dyer Photography has branched into the field of wedding videography. Since launching, they have produced, filmed and edited over 50 videos for Wellington weddings and events. The steps for wedding videography are three-fold: planning, the all-essential start to your wedding videography, which entails working closely with the team to guarantee that your wishes are met; shooting, captured in HD with a variety of the best tools to deliver the best results; and, finally, delivering. The editing suite at Brady Dyer Photography ensures that the process of editing your wedding film will be quick and seamless, providing your wedding video in a range of formats and sizes.


Golden Light Photo & Film

Image by Golden Light Photo & Film

Having specialised in wedding photography for years, Golden Light Photo & Film added wedding videography to their repertoire in 2018. They have since recruited a talented and flexible team of videographers to meet demands, with a style focused entirely on telling the story of your wedding day. They believe that the audio matters as much as the visual when it comes to wedding videography, including key speeches, words and moments from your special day, compiling it all into a 6- to 8-minute video that will blow you away. Golden Light Photo & Film has plenty of options for you to choose from for your wedding videography, with a range of packages that you can chop and change as you please.


ThreeSixty Photography

Image by ThreeSixty Photography

Located in Kapiti Island, ThreeSixty Photography is comprised of Brent and Sophie - a husband and wife duo that love wedding videography and photography. They are focused, detail-orientated and fun-loving, working with one another to boost their creativity. Their work cinematography is extensive, from promotional films for Te Araroa trust walkways, The NZ Tattoo and Arts festivals, to wedding videography that will leave you breathless. They have a tailored package that will fit your wedding videography needs, with around 35 to 75 hours of editing alone dedicated to making your wedding film a work of art.


SWV Wedding Films

Image by SWV Wedding Films

Bespoke wedding videography made for you to cherish forever, SWV Wedding Films provides you with films that capture the magic and emotions of your special day. Bringing together your most important people in one place to celebrate your love for one another is the goal, and they want to help you keep that memory forever. SWV Wedding Films has a range of packages to choose from, including options for both wedding videography and wedding photography, with at least two videographers filming your big day, as well as a standard of aerial footage (drone) to ensure that your wedding is captured from every angle at every moment.


Latitude Creative

Image by Latitude Creative

Wedding photography and videography creatives, Latitude Creative encourages you to be as bold as they are with their work. Story-rich and brimming with feelings, they work tirelessly to create masterpieces that convey the true beauty of your wedding day with a personal approach to wedding videography and photography. Attentive, adaptive and adept, Latitude Creative is a collection of photographers, videographers and editors with a unified vision to chronicle the world, its people and all the moments in between. They have been operating for over a decade and are based in Wellington, boasting over 200 happy customers.


Soulhaven Creative Productions

Image by Soulhaven Creative Productions

Soulhaven Creative Productions is "intuitive filmmaking for something very special." They are passionate about creating custom wedding videography for you, with a knack for finding the heart and character of your special day. The founder of Soulhaven Creative Productions has a background in music and filmmaking, working as Creative Director for a humanitarian documentary company before beginning her own company. She does both personal and corporate videography. When it comes to wedding films, they are a boutique and tailor-made keepsake, beautifully filmed and crafted by their award-winning filmmaker and designed to capture the unique essence of your love.