Wellington Wedding Catering
By Raashka Mannie

04 September 2020

Half the fun of a good wedding is a great meal, which is why picking a perfectly seasoned caterer is the best decision you’ll make.

The food at your wedding is going to be one of the main topics of discussion amongst your guests. With all that marvelling over how lovely you are and weeping for joy over your happiness, everyone is bound to get hungry - including you. That’s why choosing a fantastic wedding caterer is of utmost importance. It’s all about the right combination of flavours and expertise, along with a menu that is absolutely to die for. Whether you know what you want to be served at your wedding, from the main course right down to individual canapés, or you’ve no idea what menu would complement your big day best, we’ve got a list of some of the most talented Wellington wedding caterers around, all ready to cook up a storm for your wedding.


Food Envy

Image by Food Envy

Foodies, you’re in for a treat. Food Envy loves creating, sharing and eating great food, which is what makes them such excellent wedding caterers. Their bespoke wedding catering service is tailored to your style and your big day, eliminating the stress of planning and management while also serving scrumptious and delightful menus. They have a whole range of wedding packages to choose from, including family-style, buffet, interactive, lunch and more - all customisable and personalised to your specifications. Food Envy also brings with them their extensive wedding services, including wait staff, equipment hire, beverages and, coming soon, even venues. Their story began 20 years ago when the founder decided to act on his love for good food and good times, starting as a one-person show that snowballed into an entire team of foodies that love to make magic with their wedding catering and impeccable service.


Blue Carrot Catering

Image by Acorn Photography & Cinema

Blue Carrot Catering is a Wellington wedding caterer that works tirelessly to craft flavourful menus for your special day. Efficient, friendly and food lovers to the core, they offer both online and in-person services for your convenience. They’ve been around for the last two decades, so they know something about catering to a great wedding. They also know what a challenge it can be to put weddings together, so they’re here to make the process a whole lot simpler. Their experience ensures that your special day will be a memorable, happy, and stress-free occasion. Blue Carrot Catering can organise your entire wedding day for you, including the food, staff, table settings, flowers, and hire-ware. With their combined skills, they’ll put together a personalised menu that suits the theme of your wedding, as well as your tastebuds. You can rest easy knowing that Blue Carrot Catering is taking care of all the fine details of your wedding menu.


In House Catering

Image by In House Catering

Because what’s better than In House Catering, right? Corporate, event and wedding catering specialists, they are based in Newlands and cater to the Wellington region and beyond. With over 30 years of experience under their belts, you can bet that this wedding caterer knows how to whip up a sensational menu for your big day. They believe in being as flexible as possible when it comes to wedding catering, mixing and matching a broad range of ingredients to tempt and indulge your guests. Their team is small and tight-knit, intent on delivering quality food and service in one neat package. In House Catering loves freshness in both ingredients and ideas, with a tailored menu made entirely from scratch and ideas that will leave your tastebuds singing. It’s this kind of personalised and attentive service that has made them one of Wellington’s longest-standing wedding caterers.


Bonappetit Catering

Image by Bonappetit Catering

They invite you to say ‘bon appétit’ at Bonappetit Catering, private chef and catering professionals based in Wellington and nearby. Their dogma is simple enough: creating exquisite, restaurant-quality food wherever you need it, be it in your boardroom, in your home or on your wedding day. Their kitchen is headed by a seasoned chef that has worked around the globe, particularly in Europe and the South Pacific, thriving in their fast-paced environment. With fresh, locally-sourced produce and inspired menus, Bonappetit Catering has proven to be one of Wellington’s finest wedding caterers. Their team works with you to come up with a fabulous menu for your big day, able to cater for hundreds or a handful, even offering you a trained knitting of professional chefs to make sure your wedding catering is as sumptuous as can be. Whether it’s one of their pre-made menus or something entirely tailored, Bonappetit Catering is here to make your wedding dining an experience you’ll never forget.


The Catering Studio

Image by The Catering Studio

Fresh, simple and seasonal - that’s the motto of The Catering Studio, a Wellington-based wedding caterer from the team behind the award-winning Egmont St. Eatery. Passionate about food, they believe that successful catering is about organisation, high-quality service and great food. With a talented team, they can provide all and any type of menu, from delectable canapés to full course meals that’ll blow you away. Depending on what you’re after, they can also offer on-site chefs, wait staff and bar staff. When it comes to wedding catering, The Catering Studio has a number of set menus and packages to choose from; if those aren’t up your alley, opt for something customised and entirely you. They also have a cocktail service, creating bespoke cocktails and pouring local wines and beers. Understanding your vision for your big day is the cornerstone of their wedding catering, so get ready for a treat with The Catering Studio.


NOSH Catering + Events

Image by NOSH Catering + Events

Since 2003, NOSH Catering + Events has been an exclusive and highly sought-after wedding caterer in Wellington. They’re quite selective with their process of choosing events and weddings that they cater, limiting their number to just 35 to a year to ensure that you’re getting a comprehensive and attentive experience. Choose from their selection of set menus or have one of their professional chefs curate a menu just for your wedding day. They offer canapé, buffet, platter and plated menus - whatever suits your big day best. NOSH Catering + Events is a full-service wedding caterer, meaning that they arrange all the necessary hire equipment, they arrive early and make-up the venue as per your instructions, and after the event, they’re there to clean up. They have a 6-step process for wedding catering and management, covering your special day from start to finish and ensuring that you don’t have to lift a finger.


Sugar Sisters Boutique Bakery & Catering

Image by Sugar Sisters Boutique Bakery & Catering

Sustainability is the aim, and Sugar Sisters Boutique Bakery & Catering is the name. Their concept is straightforward: they believe plant-based foods are best for our health and the environment and take a Flexitarian approach. They take nature’s freshest and finest seasonal produce and that to create healthy, vibrant cuisine that tastes as good as it looks. In operation since 2014, Sugar Sisters Boutique Bakery & Catering has a modern and wholesome approach to meals and wedding catering. They love thinking outside the box and getting imaginative when planning your wedding menu. They can also provide staff for a fully serviced event, or, if you prefer, just a drop off delivery. As their name suggests, Sugar Sisters Boutique Bakery & Catering also creates incredible wedding cakes, so you can get every mouthful you need from this comprehensive and conscience Wellington wedding caterer.


Good Chemistry

Image by Good Chemistry

Good wedding catering is all about Good Chemistry. It’s that combination of the air filled with love, a fantastic venue and indescribable catering as everyone toasts to your joy. What could be better? Good Chemistry believes that this moment is to be tailored for, priding themselves on offering a variety of delicious, seasonal menus with a focus on fresh, local, sustainable ingredients. Their menus range from buffet to banquet to canapés, while their services include not just wedding catering, but staff and hire-ware such as utensils and other equipment. Good Chemistry is all about providing you with as much as you need for your big day, allowing you to tailor your requirements and having them meet your needs and budget. Wellington wedding caterers with an eye for detail, they’ll bring serve up plenty of good times alongside outstanding dishes with an eco-friendly lining.


Simply Food

Image by Simply Food

Premium wedding caterers in Wellington, Simply Food has been in the industry since 1991, serving mouthwatering meals with impeccable service and an affordable price tag attached. Their foundations include consistency in their menus, presentation and service, which has resulted in them being one of the most experienced wedding caterers in Wellington. Simply Food caters for both private and corporate events, with a dedicated wedding coordinator on the team to help with the planning and preparing of your wedding menu. They want your special day to be as stylish, elegant and stress-free as possible, attending all necessary meetings and consults related to your wedding catering and managing the process throughout - including your big day. Simply Food’s wedding catering package includes a tailored menu, all hire-ware required to service the event, professional bar and wait staff, a cake table, tablecloth and cake knife, as well as complimentary table numbers and stands.



Image by Spoonful

You’ll want to get more than a spoonful of Spoonful, Wellington wedding caterers that promise you a spoonful of joy with every bite. A family-run company, they provide incredible wedding catering to Wellington and the greater area, using only quality ingredients and a lot of pep. It had humble beginnings in the founder’s kitchen in Kilbirnie but has quickly grown into a catering company that specialises in weddings and other events. The name 'Spoonful' comes from their Head Chef Dan's aunt, who used to make home-made granola and gift it to her friends and family. On the jar, she would write: 'a spoonful of joy, happiness and tender loving care.' It’s Spoonful’s hope to portray this in everything they do, including your wedding catering. The head chef on their team has an extensive and impressive track record, studying and working globally, including Boomrock and Le Palaise de Jardin, as well as filming with Gordon Ramsay.


Red Herring Catering

Image by Pexels

Here to give you some food for thought (and for munching on), Red Herring Catering is a Wellington-based wedding caterer that has done it all for big days. From intimate meals in private homes to full-blown formal and marquee events, they have planned and presented sumptuous wedding menus to suit every palate. With an aim to make planning your wedding meals a joy, Red Herring Catering puts in the extra effort to create unique and exciting menus for you to choose from, whether you’re after one of their set options or something customised. You can personalise your venue, menu, table settings, service and add-ons - all you have to do is ask. They are partnered with several stunning venues dotted around the area, including The Boatshed, Begonia House, Opera House, Zealandia and more. Established in 2003, Red Herring Catering has been making days extra yummy with their wedding catering for nearly two decades.


Baxters Catering

Image by Baxters Catering

They love doing celebrations right with great menus and great service at Baxters Catering. Wellington wedding caterers that can do it all, from lavish banquets to finger food and nibbles in between. Understanding that weddings are full of careful planning, they know that wedding catering needs no less, tirelessly putting their years of experience to work alongside you to tailor meals and services to your liking. Baxters Catering comes with a number of wedding packages for easy decision making, all able to be customised as needed. They offer BBQ catering, spit roast catering, canapés and cocktails, hampers and even breakfast - any and all types of dining for your wedding day. They also provide bar staff and glass hire, with a selection of fine pieces and friendly service to make your Wellington wedding a memorable day for all.


Chalet Caterers

Image by Chalet Caterers

Unparalleled in service, Chalet Caterers have a whopping 40 years in the wedding catering industry. They have been bringing incredible meals with a flourish to Wellington and the surrounding area for years, rising to one of the city’s favourite caterers through their love of food, friendly service and commitment to the business. They offer all kinds of catering at Chalet Caterers, with the special and unique addition of Polynesian catering, with family-orientated values and a hands-on approach to their work. When it comes to wedding catering, they have several wedding menus for you to choose from; if you’re after something more personalised, all you have to do is get in touch with them to discuss your theme, flavours and budget and they can put together mouth-watering meals at your request. Trustworthy and full of talent, Chalet Caterers bring high-quality consistency to wedding catering in Wellington.