Wellington Wedding Cakes - The 2020 Guide
By Raashka Mannie

23 July 2020

From buttercream to ganache, wedding cakes are the cornerstone of celebrating your love. That’s why it’s oh-so-important to make sure your wedding cake is a dessert like none other.

Wedding cakes are something to look forward to, whether you’re taste-testing a hundred bakers or you’ve found the perfect one in a single bite. In Wellington, we’re fortunate to have a variety of extraordinary bakers, all with knacks for creating custom wedding cakes that’ll knock your socks off. With tons of experience and plenty of time to tempt you with soft morsels of sugary delight, these wedding cake savants will make choosing just one wedding cake a challenge you thought you’d never have to face.


Stiletto Studio Cakes

Image by Stiletto Studio Cakes

A damn good wedding cake is what Stiletto Studio Cakes promises, so a damn good wedding cake is what you get. Straightforward and committed, their team is here to provide you with a wedding cake of any kind. You name the cake, and they’ll create it, from rustic to minimalistic, with over 500 wedding cakes baked in 9 years. They make things easy at Stiletto Studio Cakes, with an inquiry form to fill out and an attentive team to help you design the ideal wedding cake for you. They’re also more than happy to have a cake tasting with you, an evening that you can sign up for on their website. Stiletto Studio Cakes brings their cakes to you far and wide - all you have to do is ask.


Em & Skye Cake Co.

Image by Em & Skye Cake Co.

Bespoke, individually-designed and elegant, Em & Skye Cake Co. is here to make wedding cakes that match who you are. Everything is handmade from scratch, with the finest ingredients and their team working tirelessly to ensure that your wedding cake is nothing short of perfection. Em & Skye Cake Co. bakes in small quantities to guarantee that you receive that special homemade quality for your wedding cake, as well as to make sure that your requests are carried out. If you’re keen for a tasting with them, pop down to the Underground Market, where their sweet treats are regularly featured. All you have to do is check with Em & Skye Cake Co. for the dates, and you’re good to go.


Cake It Foward

Image by Cath Fitzgerald

Wedding cakes should look as good as they taste, says Cake It Foward. They’re right about that. Your wedding cake will be a bespoke creation of magnificent proportions with them, experts that they are, working with your endless input to ensure that your wedding cake is exactly what you envisioned it would be. Just recently, Cake It Forward opened a quaint little cake shop on Jackson Street, with all of their most popular wedding cake flavours available for tasting as mini cakes - so what are you waiting for? Additionally, when you order anything from Cake It Forward, you help them to donate to great causes, such as fundraisers and bringing treats to those in need. Your wedding cake will be doing good, tasting good and looking good, which is an absolute victory.


Sweet Bakery & Cakery

Image by Sweet Bakery & Cakery

Sweet Bakery & Cakery wants to make planning and designing your wedding cake as fun as can be - as it should be. They make creative, modern and original wedding cakes, with on-trend buttercream affairs with incredible flavour and appeal. They have it all, from raspberry ripple to salted caramel, for wedding cakes that are as pretty as they are tasty. Sweet Bakery & Cakery also like to stay from the usual, offering wedding cupcakes for you to consider too. Their team is happy to have a consultation with you to help you design the ideal wedding cake, with tastings and coffee to make the visit all the sweeter. As a happy bonus, Sweet Bakery & Cakery loves to make wedding favours, keeping with the theme of your special day and treating all of your lucky guests.


Cake Society

Image by Griffin Hunt

A society of cake? What could be better than that? Cake Society is specialists when it comes to wedding cakes. Their proud offerings consist of everything from buttercream creations with fresh flowers, macaroons and figs to geometrical designs in moody, romantic shades. The team at Cake Society wants to get to know you to help plan your dream wedding cake. Designing it happens in three easy steps: picking a flavour, the size and the overall style. With so much experience and talent, they can make just about anything. All of their bespoke wedding cakes are one-of-a-kind so you can go wild! Book a cake tasting with them for a real treat, then get to planning that wedding cake.


Sugar Sisters Bakery & Catering

Image by Sugar Sisters Bakery & Catering

Plant-based and sustainable, Sugar Sisters Bakery & Catering is here with green wedding cakes. They believe that eco-friendly meals are better for both us and the environment, and have made it their goal to provide catering and wedding cakes that uphold this. They take fresh cuisine that is vibrant, healthy and delicious. Sugar Sisters Bakery & Catering have been supplying Wellington with wedding catering and cakes since 2014, with tailored services and an enthusiastic team to make sure your wedding is served with only the best. Not only do they offer traditional wedding cakes courtesy of their in-house pastry chefs, but they also offer alternatives like cheese wedding cakes, wedding cupcakes and more.


Tomboy Cakery

Image by Tomboy Cakery

Tomboy Cakery is available for custom wedding cakes. Spots are limited, but they work tirelessly to bring you a wedding cake like none other. You can contact them online or visit them on-site at their bakery near the CBD. They work with seasonal flowers, fresh ingredients and a lot of chutzpah, creating masterpieces of frosting and sponge. Tomboy Cakery can also cater to some dietary requirements and do not use artificial flavours or colouring. They also don’t provide delivery, so it’s up to you to remember to collect your wedding cake. With lots of love and plenty of care, Tomboy Cakery is a quintessential small-time bakery that will give your wedding cake a homemade feel.


Brinkel’s Cake Art

Image by Brinkel’s Cake Art

Personalised cake art for your wedding day, Brinkel’s Cake Art is run by Tom Brinkel, a German-trained chef with a plethora of experience and a yen for creating cakes for every occasion. They offer free consultations for couples at their studio in Lower Hutt, so they can sit down with you and plan your perfect wedding cake. Brinkel’s Cake Art’s menu is extensive, offering a range of flavours, fillings and styles for you to peruse and pick, along with options such as gluten-, lactose-, nut-free and vegan. On top of that, Brinkel’s Cake Art also has the option of baking delectable wedding favours for your special day.


Cube Bakery

Image by Cube Bakery

Offering you the best is Cube Bakery, with everything from custom wedding cakes to moon cakes. They’re an esteemed bakery in Wellington, featured as one of the top contenders on Top Reviews NZ. They run events such as moon cake workshops for the community, which is always a fun treat. Cube Bakery has a range of customisable wedding cakes, from fondant-decorated to ones filled with fresh fruit, with impeccable design and attention to detail. They are located just outside the CBD, so you can visit them to have a taste of what your wedding cake could be like.


Nada Bakery

Image by Nada Bakery

Nada’s the matter with Nada Bakery. This is a traditional, down-to-earth, award-winning bakery located in Wellington, doing everything from scrumptious pies to catering - including baking delicious wedding cakes. Unlike other bakeries, Nada Bakery doesn’t offer bespoke creations, but you can customise their wedding cake range. All you have to do is contact them and have a chat about what you’d like done. They offer a variety of customisable wedding cakes, from square and tiered to modern and simple, with a ton of yummy flavours up for grabs. They can also provide extra desserts and other catering options for your wedding, which is always a plus.