Wedding Photos Every Couple Needs to Have
By Lorna Urwin

03 July 2017

You’ve done all the research and booked a photographer that you are super excited to work with. But as the wedding draws nearer you may get the niggling worry that you’ll be so swept up in the day that you’ll forget that beautiful shot with mum or the detail of your grandmother’s veil. Don’t worry, your photographer has your back! Often photographers will book a session with couples to run through everything in detail, where you can voice any extra special moments or scenes you’d love to capture for the future. To help you devise some ideas of your own, here are 7 wedding photos every couple should consider for their wedding!

1/ Wide angle of the venue(s) 

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All Imagery provided by Siaosi Photography 

Most photographers will instinctively cover an image like this as for many couples, the venue plays a vital role in creating atmosphere and setting the scene. Consider asking for a view of the venues both before and during the festivities (you’ll need to allow for this in your timing of the day too). In this way you can have images that highlight the charm of the location and décor, and also those that embody the joy of a setting come to life with the action of the ceremony.

2/ Unusual details

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In addition to the ‘setting the scene shots’, consider which details you’ll most want to remember. Certain details are becoming standard features for wedding photographers (things like the bouquet, place settings, invitation suite, rings, shoes, and even the perfume you’ll wear), but there may be something unusual and unique to you that you’d like documented. Perhaps an heirloom, your signature cocktail or a special detail on the tables that someone close has made or organised. 

You might want to consider asking for the groom’s preparations to be covered. Maybe the groom and his mates are planning a surf, or round of golf pre wedding. As well as the characters and laughter the preparations can include details like shoes or cufflinks, even the single malt whiskey, which can add to telling the story alongside the bride’s preparations.

3/ Wedding collateral

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In all likelihood you’ve poured a lot of thought, time and effort into the parts of the wedding created for others’ use or enjoyment. Things like food, favours, toss items, bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts and welcome bags are often worthy of a place in your wedding album!

4/ The groom during the processional

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bride, procession, photo, wedding, imagery, inspiration, album, weddings

Naturally you’ll want images of the bride’s walk down the aisle. The perfect complement to this shot, taking place in the opposite direction, is the groom’s reaction when he first sees the bride. Let your photographer know if capturing those emotional moments are important to you!

5/ Your parents

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Many of the most heartfelt moments of the day will be the connections between close relatives – parents, grandparents and siblings. Those natural and candid moments are some photographers’ favourite images to make. It’ll be easy to talk to them about looking out for any lovely reactions from or moments with your loved ones, whether the first time they see you in your dress, giving you a gift or advice, on the way to the ceremony or during the vows. 

Remember though, these images should happen naturally, it’s best not to pose or set them up too much in any way. 

6/ The guests

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Most wedding photos rightfully focus on the couple, their families and the bridal party, but don’t forget all the love and fun to be captured with the rest of your guests too. Candid shots of your guests taking in the ceremony, mingling at the bar or lounge or breaking loose on the dance floor will really round out your wedding album.

7/ Readings, speeches and toasts

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Loved ones taking to the floor to voice their memories, advice and congratulations nearly always cause for high emotion and great reactions – for you and them! If your photographer is staying throughout the reception, talk to them about who those special people or crazy characters are in your lives, so they will be sure to capture the love, laughter and tears of joy. For many years to come you’ll even be able to remember the sounds, the shrills and roars of laughter, just by looking at your wedding album.

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