Top 10 Wedding Favours Your Guests Will LOVE!
By Brieonie Jenkins

07 February 2016

With so many cute ideas for wedding favours floating around, browsing the options can be lots of fun! A wedding favour is a small token; it shows appreciation to your guests for celebrating your special day with you. Avoid the pressure to concoct the perfect sentimental keepsake by keeping things simple. The ideal favour will reflect the theme of your day and should always be a treat rather than a burden for your guests. It can be frustrating to see your carefully chosen favours left behind because your guests couldn’t travel with them. Below, we’ve put together a few favour ideas your guests are sure to love!

1. Trendy Trinkets

Cute and quirky, a mini succulent or cactus makes a fun favour. Incorporate the tiny pots into your table styling by using them as place cards, then let your guests take them home. These plants are easy to care for and will last forever – just like you two! 

2. Spread the Love

Use your special day to spread the joy to those in need. Instead of physical gifts, spend the budget on a heart-warming donation to your favourite charity. Leave a note at each table explaining the donation and its significance to you.

wedding favours

3. Dancing Shoes!

For a summer-time beach wedding you really can’t go past a pair of jandals. Give them out as early as the start of the ceremony so guests can swap their formal footwear for something a little more comfortable and use them again later on when they want to dance the night away! 

4. Share a Secret

No doubt you’ll be serving up some pretty delicious food at your reception – why not let your guests recreate it at home? A recipe card, featuring the details of your favourite dish (or drink) of the day made up in your wedding colours and monogrammed with your initials is the perfect personal favour.

wedding favours

5. Take Home Treats

Everyone loves a sweet treat! Invite your guests to fill their own goodie bags straight from your candy buffet or dessert table. Your guests will love their party bags for a late night snack on the way home or a cheeky slice of wedding cake the next day for breakfast.

6. Feeling Lucky?

Add a little thrill to your reception with a scratchie! These little beauties are easy on your budget and who knows, maybe one of your guests will be celebrating an unexpected windfall! Scratchies often aren’t very visually appealing, so pay special attention to the packaging for this one.

wedding favours

7. Fill the Pantry

Stock your guests’ pantries with olive oil, jars of jam or yummy preserves. Universally appreciated and sure to be used, they’re the perfect thank you. It’s fun to DIY with creative flavours and family recipes, but if that’s not your style, locally sourced treats are just as well received.

8. Something Sentimental   

Most people take the time to pick up a sentimental souvenir or two when they’re out of town. Why not make their job easy and give the guests at your destination wedding a local souvenir? Your nearest and dearest can enjoy both the memory of your special day and their time away.

wedding favours

9. Fizzy Fun

Treat your guests to a mini bottle of champs for a favour that’s fun, festive and glamorous. Much more affordable that full size bottles and with the irresistible bonus of added cuteness, they need minimal embellishments. Tie a straw and a sweet tag to the neck of each bottle with a pretty ribbon and you’re good to go.

10. Heavenly Herbs

Did you know oregano traditionally signifies joy and happiness? Compliment your rustic or garden theme with small pots of flavour for guests to pop on their kitchen windowsill. Give seedlings in colour coordinated pots or customise the packaging of your seeds for a personal touch. 

wedding favours