How to Plan an Urban Chic Wedding:
By Felicity Newburry

13 June 2016

A super exciting new development in theme trends has emerged – the urban chic wedding! So what is urban chic? Where can you find inspiration for planning an urban chic wedding? What are some styling tips? We are here to give you hints about how to get amongst this hot new trend!

What is urban chic?

Urban chic styling is an interior design theme that has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. It features exposed brick, metals and bringing the outside in. Urban chic is all about making the industrial beautiful and stylish, sometimes with a small vintage flare. The wedding industry has tagged onto the end of this interior design style and it has become a trendy theme with many couples opting to have their wedding venues and décor give off an urban and trendy vibe. Potted plant gardens positioned against brick walls or mismatching aluminum chairs and bulky wooden tables is the look you should be going for!

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Where can you find urban chic inspiration?

Urban chic inspiration can be found anywhere in the city; after all, the whole concept is to make the mundane beautiful! More specifically though, you will find inspiration in boutique furniture stores - the kind that stock dressers and tables made out of storage pallets. A lot of new cafes are also steering away from the popular “shabby chic” trend and instead opting for more urban looks. You can also find inspiration from home by flicking through various interior design magazines, which will undoubtedly feature a recently renovated or designed space working within the urban chic trend. Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with typing “urban chic interior” into Pinterest!

Urban chic, aluminium chairs, bulky wooden table, wedding

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How to pick the perfect urban chic venue:

The city is your oyster when choosing an urban chic designed venue, or a venue that can be designed to tie in with your theme. Depending on the size of your guest party, you could hire out an office space loft, a warehouse, or an already established wedding venue. One of the biggest perks of choosing an urban chic venue is that they can be pretty cheap to hire and decorate because you can get creative and use things like shipping containers as covered bars or dining areas! However, don’t rush into this. Hiring a warehouse-like space is great, but you need to consider a few things, such as: is it going to keep your guests warm? Is guest safety going to be easy to maintain? What are the logistics for hiring caterers or musicians? If all these things aren’t a problem, then go for it! But you will also have just as much fun choosing a pre-designed venue.

Some styling ideas:

  • Succulents make great plants to include in both your bouquets, boutonnieres and your table dressings!
  • Huge windows that offer views of the area are a must. This feature is particularly cool if the area that the guests look out onto is heavily industrial or sports great views of the city.
  • Recycled objects such as tins, pallets, wine barrels and jars work well. You can use them in your décor in all sorts of ways – get creative!
  • Festoon lighting, hanging bulbs or fairy lights are essential.
  • Invest in some heavy wooden tables - the more scuffed up, the better! They would look great paired with aluminum chairs and dressed with centerpieces featuring an assortment of meaningful items (and those succulents)!
  • Include the odd piece of vintage detailing, maybe this is French styled side table or chandelier. For true urban chic, you have to be sure that the vintage items are a minority.
  • Making things out of copper wire is super popular at urban chic weddings right now, check out Pinterest for some ideas!
  • Don’t worry about having to hide cables or cover things that look a little worse for wear. For example, peeling paint will tie into the theme and may even look purposeful!