Tried and True Wedding Trends & How to Make them Unique
By Felicity Newburry

23 May 2016

In the spring bridal fashion shows last year, we were told to expect Victorian vintage, crisp hairstyles, and watercolor prints among many other exciting innovations. At the end of thewedding season however, we’ve decided to take a look at just what fantastic trends have ended up on top and how they compare with what the 2016 runway gave us. For our brave readers, we’ve also decided to give you tips on how to step away from the big, triedandtrue trends!

The Hair: Wonderful Waves

No single braids or crisp chignon’s here! The bridal hairstyle that is “in” at the moment is variations of beautiful cascading or lightly pinned waves. Brides are donning this nymphet look the world over, only slightly stepping away from the beachy, bohemian waves of 2015. We don’t mind at all though because these luscious and soft waves are too delightful to wave goodbye to!

How To Be Different: If you want to walk the aisle without glamorous waves bouncing in your wake, perhaps the first styles you should look at is just what was on the runway at the beginning of the year: single braids and tidy buns. The opposite of loose and flowy is taut and tidy and there are a lot of fabulous vintage styles you could draw inspiration from. Get on Google images now!

pinned waves, beautiful hair

Hair Accents: Romantic Detailing

The bridal veil revival hasn’t quite hit the wedding industry as predicted! Instead we’re seeing another small step away from the bohemian infused 2015 with brides opting for romantic little roses or pearl barrettes in their up-do as opposed to flower crowns. We’re secretly hoping this tentative move is indicative of some bolder steps yet to come!

How To Be Different: Perhaps the boldest statement you could make here would be to do the veil. For a while, veils were too cliché and thus the wedding world got over run by other fabulous innovations such as flower crowns and bird cage veils. Maybe its time someone was brave enough to bring back the full veil… Could that be you?

flower crown, bridal crown

Makeup: Strong And Sultry

We were told to expect “English rose complexions” and instead we got something even more exciting – dark eyes and bold lips. Brides all over seem to be going for a smokey-eye look with either; a strong, pale lip; or a brave, dark one. We love this made-up look, which is a definite step away from the neutral and barely-there make up of 2015. Yay for bold choices!

How To Be Different: The opposite of done-up is undone, but we already saw that last year. The only makeup choice that no one has been brave enough to sport yet is a lip that is an unnatural colour such as gold, blue, purple, orange… Done right, this look is fantastic! Are you brave enough to give it a go?

Smokey eyes, sultry make-up

The Dress: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Not quite what the designer’s ordered but fabulous none the less – these soft, tulle dresses coming in blush tones with high waists are hot on the wedding market right now! They look almost Shakespearean, as though created with Juliet Capulet in mind! Some of these gowns are made even more elegant with bold shoulder detailing or pleated tulle skirts. Its no wonder brides love this look because who doesn’t want to feel like a real life fairy queen on their big day? 

How To Be Different: Given that the dress style of this year is soft and flowy like the bohemian dresses of last year, it shows us that brides are still steering away from structured looks. If you want to be different – check out Zuhair Murad’s Spring 2016 Bridal Collection. This designer, among others, had their models in bodiced, Victorian-esque gowns that gave killer silhouettes and made bold statements. This is a brave choice that would definitely pay off!

bold wedding dress

Shoes: Vera Wang Flats

Vera Wang has been designing heart-melting bridal shoes for years but it seems that the modern bride is only just tapping into her mastery! Brides this year are loving the bejeweled look of her classic bridal flats and are slipping them on for their big day! If Vera Wang is a tad out of budget, then rest assured in knowing your basic pointed-toe flat in a shimmery or metallic cream or gold is the way to go!

If You Want To Be Different: Go bare-foot. Seriously, the only shoes brides were wearing before flats were high-heels and brides have worn high-heels for decades. Realistically, flats are the new and bold choice, and the next step up would be to go completely comfortable i.e. bare footed! If you’re going to go bare foot, check out the gorgeous applique foot accents you can get online from places such as Etsy and don’t forget to sport a fresh, beautiful pedicure on the day.

vera wang flats

Jewelry: Multiple Stones

Last year the halo ring was all the rage. This year it seems that a single band with multiple stones is the ring style flying out of stores! This trend is particularly hot when coming in rose or yellow gold. It looks as though white gold and platinum is the metal of yesterday!

If You Want To Be Different: Design your own ring. If you design your own ring then you’re guaranteed to never come across another one like it. You can tailor it to suit you and your preferences. It’s the perfect solution!



Colour Pallettes: Perfectly Plum

Perhaps this has something to do with organic wine being so on-trend right now, but unlike the pale watercolor palettes we were told to expect, plum and rich wine tones are the most popular wedding colour this year! They’re definitely romantic hues so we’re totally into this palette trend!

If You Want To Be Different: For go a colour palette all together. Perhaps you go for a monochromatic wedding where everything is shades of white or cream, or maybe you choose a palette that isn’t often chosen, such as a three really bright colours. Soft and pastel is where everyone is most comfortable in the wedding world right now, so if you want to be different – steer away from this.