Trend Alert! Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses
By Felicity Newburry

18 August 2016

There is no denying it: mismatching bridesmaids are the look of the year and perhaps more than just a passing trend! Gone are the days of stressing over whether one design or colour will flatter all of your girls because the mismatching bridesmaid trend is the solution! Not having to stick a singular dress design and colour enables you to play around and create things that will look great and feel comfortable on your individual bridesmaids. It also adds uniqueness and interest to your overall bridal party look! Read on to find out what you need to know about trying this trend and for some ideas of how you could mismatch your bridesmaids!

The one and only rule: The world is your oyster with this trend so long as you follow the one rule that will keep your bridal party looking cohesive. This rule is that all the bridesmaid’s looks have to have one common thread. This could be that they’re all from the same colour palette, they all use metallics, they’re all similar lengths, they’re all the same fabric. You can change everything else but one thing has to stay the same so that your girls still look like part of the bridal party.  

Now that we’ve gone over the number one rule, it’s time to look at some examples of how you could mismatch your bridesmaids!  

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Long and Short 

Perhaps they’re all the same fabric but the lengths of the dresses vary. This is a great option for bridal parties that vary a lot in height as well as length does a lot for creating a flattering look on shorter and taller women. It also gives your girls the option to choose what they’re most excited by: long and elegant or short and sophisticated.  

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Fitted and loose 

Perhaps your girls are all in one colour palette but the style of the dresses changes to flatter the different figures, with some being loose and floaty and others being fitted. This can create a really interesting, mixy-matchy look - just remember your rule!  

Mismatch, dresses, bridesmaids, bridal party, bride, wedding, style

Patterned and plain 

This is a great look for garden, daytime weddings. Perhaps the dresses are all the same style but the patterns vary. This look works really well with vintage bridal parties and can add a fantastic flair of fun to your overall look! 

Mismatch, dresses, bridesmaids, bridal party, bride, wedding, style

Multiple Colours 

Perhaps all of your girls are wearing a similar style but the colours are all different to best suit their skin tones. This is a great way to add variance to your bridal look and to give your bridesmaids some say in what looks best on them. Quick tip: pale skin looks best in bold colours, tan skin looks great in light colours.  

Mismatch, dresses, bridesmaids, bridal party, bride, wedding, style

Casual and Classy  

Similar to mix and matching lengths, mixing casual with evening looks is also a really fun way to mismatch your bridesmaids. Some women just don’t feel comfortable in a full on gown and would prefer a summer dress look or perhaps even a romper. So long as the looks all have one thing in common, this can be a fantastic way to shake up your bridal look.  

Mismatch, dresses, bridesmaids, bridal party, bride, wedding, style

Soft and strong 

Mixing your fabrics so some dresses are made of stronger fabric and others of soft is a great way to create different looks and to best work with what makes your bridesmaids comfortable. This idea often mixes in with the previous five as yet another way dresses might mismatch.  

Whatever you do, have fun with this! Mismatching looks means you don’t have to put anywhere near as much stress into dressing your bridesmaids as you would if you were choosing a singular look. You can even hand the job totally over to your girls by choosing your one rule and letting them go and choose their own dress. An example might be “You can choose your own dress, the only rule is your dress has to be plain purple.”