Top 5 Bridal Trend Predictions for 2017

21 December 2016

For all you fashionistas out there, getting married isn’t just a time to say ‘I do’ to the one you love, it’s a time to say ‘hello world look at what a stylish babe I am’. I felt a bit like this when I got married – sure I was desperately in love with Mr. Paperswan (still am!) but I also wanted to create an effortlessly stylish wedding to remember and a huge part of that is ‘the dress’! On that note, here are my predictions for the 2017 bridal trends! Let’s talk in 2018 and see how I did.

1/ Statement Necklines

bridal trends

Whether it is low and plunging or throat-high, a statement neckline is a hot look for 2017. Depending on your body shape and how much skin you want to reveal, both looks can be extremely flattering. A low plunge elongates your torso and a high neckline does exactly the same. Ladies with bigger busts should try both these looks with caution, but with the right undergarments, go for it! My top tip: if you love this style but do have a larger bust, take a couple of well supporting bra options with you when you go wedding dress shopping. That way you’ll have a true idea of whether this trend is right for you or not.

2/ Bold Shoulder

bridal trends

The cold shoulder style trend has been all over the high street and runway this year and I don’t think it’s going to cool down any time soon. It’s a personal favourite for women because you can cover your arms while still revealing some sexy shoulder. Win win! I predict this is going to continue to be huge in 2017 but taken to a new level by longer more elaborate sleeves, heavier beading, florals and more!

3/ Heavy Metal

bridal trends

Metallics are so hot right now in interiors that it was only a matter of time until this fed through into fashion (it already has). But for 2017, I predict that gold, silver, and, everyone’s fav, rosegold is going to be even more popular. The metallics will be placed thoughtfully and delicately throughout the gown. This is a look for bold and confident woman keen to make a statement on their wedding day. Sounds like our type of lady!

4/ Long sleeves

bridal trends

The Kate effect has not worn off over 5 years on and brides just can’t get enough of long sleeves. Fitted, floaty, lace, chiffon – long sleeves can be rocked in so many different ways. Plus, with the option to add sleeves onto a non-sleeved dress, you can make it completely your own original!

5/ Strapless

bridal trends

You heard it here first! And ok, this is a wild card for sure, but strapless is coming back in and personally I couldn’t be happier. Poor old strapless has had such a bad rap over the last 
few years and I have to admit I get sick of people referring to them as ‘boob tubes’. A well-fitting and structured strapless dress on the right body shape is breathtaking. Cinched in waist and a fitted or full skirt. I mean, wow! This look is timeless, classic and so flattering. Give strapless a chance ladies, you may love it after all!