2016's Top Fashion Trends for the Bridesmaids
By Brieonie Jenkins

06 December 2015

Rather than flat out change, wedding style tends to ‘update’. Even when your preparations start so far in advance, keeping things fashion forward doesn’t have to be a challenge. We’ve compiled a list of next year’s biggest bridesmaid trends to get your girls looking gorgeous! Get a head start on your planning with these 2016 updates.

New Neutrals

Soft nudes and gorgeous blushes have been popular this year. Trending for next year are fresh takes on these traditional neutrals. Think cloudy blues, shadowy purple or dusky dove grey. These shades give you a bit of colour while still embodying the classic soft romantic of familiar neutrals.

Floral Accents

With the popularity of the boho trend and hippy/beachy vibes, hairstyles dressed up with flowers won’t be going anywhere! We’re seeing smaller flowers, like baby’s breath, featured everywhere from hair to bouquets. These petite blossoms also make an appearance tucked into braids. Additionally, instead of a full floral crown, greenery is taking centre stage with pops of floral colour. Or forget the flowers entirely and opt for a full greenery crown!

bridesmaid trends

Peek a Boo!

Key hole, strappy and cut out backs are having a moment in the spotlight. Your girls will look beautiful coming down the aisle and will show off an unexpected detail when they leave. More subtly than a gown with a plunging back, the cut out shows a little skin but not enough for your bridesmaids to feel exposed. Note: they look great with a loose up-do!

Modern Woman

Nothing says independent woman like a pair of pants! Funky and absolutely unexpected, dress your bridesmaids in jumpsuits for the ultimate modern woman glam. Both dressed up and practical (for whatever the day throws at them!) it’s surprising we haven’t caught on to the superpowers of the jumpsuit sooner.

bridesmaid trends

Special Separates

A top and skirt combo incorporates two trends in one: texture and colour blocking. It’s perfect for something a little less traditional (and has good ‘wear again’ value). Separates are flattering on all body shapes. It’s an update on the mismatched dresses we’ve been seeing a lot of this year. Give your girls the freedom to pick their own flattering top half and tie the look together on the bottom with a coloured or patterned skirt.

The Maid of Honour Dress

A sweet tribute to your best babe, this is a trend that lets her fantastic style shine through.  More personal than a different bouquet, an interesting headpiece or an entirely different dress will make her stand out and feel super special!

bridesmaid trends

All images sourced from Pinterest

All White

Once a taboo, now a major trend, the all-white bridal party is fun, fresh and definitely no longer forbidden! White works best when your bridesmaids keep it casual; no full length gowns here. Rather, think textured and floaty with lace and light layers. Mixing dress styles and fabrics is the key for creating a contrast to the bride’s special look – perfect for rustic or beach weddings.

Sheer Necklines

Illusion necklines and sleeves are cropping up on bridesmaids’ dresses everywhere. They give the flattering benefits of a strapless gown with a bit more coverage and a vintage feel. Sheer fabrics or unlined lace fabrics are the most common. 2016’s look is a combination of the two – use lace applique details over the sleeves or add a little bling to simple sheer fabric with diamante embellishments.