Top 10 Tips on How to Plan the Perfect Table Décor
By Esther Dawson

26 April 2016

So you got engaged, congrats! Both of you have foundthe perfect venue, brilliant! Now comes the part where you suddenly become addicted to Pinterest and decide your whole table look with 100 images of everything from rustic farm banquet to formal plated french opulance… eh, not so fast there. There are a few people you need to chat with before you get you heart set on that dream table décor. Mindy (from Twig & Arrow) shares hertop 10 tips on how to plan the perfect table décor below!

Image by Candy Capco Photography & all flowers and styling by Twig & Arrow

Your professional florist, venue manager and caterer will know what the actual table requirements are for your perfect day. You will save money and time if you book your florist before deciding on a table look. Careful consideration will need to be paid to the following when deciding on the look and feel of your reception tables. 

1. Lets talk money honey - Make sure you find a professional floral designer who understands your budget. A great floral designer will have tips on how to  stretch your budget as far as possible.

2. Caterers need table space too!  - There is always space needed for wine, water, shared platters, salt and pepper, bread etc. With all these considered you might not be able to have those gorgeous greenery garlands down the table like you had imagined.

wedding decor

Image by Anna Munro Photography

3.Turning tables - If a venue doesn’t normally provide linen, the venue’s tables may be odd sized or custom built and require a specific hire linen. Ask about measurements. Get the right size and a few more than you need in case one is damaged or stained.

4. No great heights - I would go no more than 40 cm high with a centerpiece unless you choose a tall clear vessel or some of the new steel frame table plinths that your flowers can float on. If you want to give the room height and scale you can consider suspending larger installations above the tables. That way you won’t obstruct your guests’ view.

wedding table decor

Image by Candy Capco Photography

5. Flowers and foliage – These are incredibly important and can add loads of warmth, softness, character and style to a room. It is so important to take your florist’s advice on what is best for your wedding season, budget, look and feel. Remember, they’ve done this more than a few times!

6. Vessels, vases & jars - I suggest that you don’t buy your vessels, vases or jars for your tables before finding and deciding on a florist. They may have what you want for rent which will save you loads of money and time.

wedding decor

Image by Bonny Iris

7. See the light! Use candles if you can – as many as you are allowed. It’s so important to know that candles (good clean burning candles) will totally make the evening magical. If you have to use LED lights due to fire hazard then make absolutely sure they are WARM white. Warm white festoon lights with a fader can be rented relatively inexpensively and make a huge difference. Alternatively, you can buy or hire copper wire battery operated WARM LED lights that can go anywhere.

8. The fine print - Unless you have amazing handwriting I recommend printing your guests’ names on place cards; always remember to print two sets. There are beautiful fonts out there that look handwritten but legible.

wedding decor

Images by Anna Munro Photography

9. Do me a favour - If you can match your favours to your table styling, wonderful! If your wedding favors do not match the table colors or aesthetic, think about putting them at the door or at the bar with signage saying: “Please take one” or “From us to you”.

10. You might want to sit down - Chairs are so important to the look of the table and reception. Wellington has some beautiful venues that provide lovely tables and chairs but some of the older venues with character might not have updated their seating. If the venue you have chosen doesn’t have nice chairs, consider renting them. 

wedding table decor

Image by Candy Capco Photography