The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Timeline
By Esther Dawson

22 December 2015

The health of your hair and skin is extremely important for your wedding day. Beauty preparation is often overlooked, yet imperative to achieving your bridal glow! With years of experience in the wedding, beauty and fashion industry, MISS DOM and new business partner Jo Bowman – qualified beauty therapist and MUA – have seen it all. We love sharing our knowledge with our future brides-to-be, so here are some of our best tips to look and feel amazing on your wedding day. We can create magic, but it’s all about the canvas you present us with.

Image by Benjamin + Elise Photographers

Wedding Inspiration

Pinterest is an amazing reference for your vendors. We can visually interpret your style, and from there we will help you find the best overall beauty look for your day. Pin photos with similar hair density, colour, and length to your own. Consider similar skin tones and hair colour when pinning makeup inspiration.

Book Early!

Bridal vendors are generally booked seasons ahead, so don’t leave your booking too late! As soon are you have chosen your bridal party, the next step is to start making enquiries to vendors for quotations. Once we have your wedding booked in, then we can arrange a trial date.

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Image by Billie Brook Photography

Hair & Makeup Trials

We book trials a week or two out from the wedding, as some brides know exactly what they like. Others need a little more help to decide.  If you are unsure, it pays to book your first trial as soon as you can. Bring your Pinterest board as a reference, and from there we will talk through options – hair up, hair down, clips, accessories, veils, fringes, haircare, skincare, fake tans, extensions etc. We can always rebook a second trial a few weeks out from the wedding, as often ideas change. 

We always style on clean, dry hair. Wash your hair and leave it natural the day before the trial and have a clean makeup-free face, this saves a lot of time and is the best canvas for your stylists to work on. I always use minimal products at the trial, in case the hair needs to be reworked.

We prep your hair with GHD curls for your trial - (on the day we will set the hair with curls and pin it in to cool down.) We have one hour to consult and create what I call ‘the overall puzzle’ for your style. We create a 2-3 hour hairstyle for your Wedding day, in one hour at your trial.

It’s the setting and cooling down process which will help keep curls and pins in, with twice as much volume and will give you that beautiful finished look. This can be hard for some brides to wrap their head around - but know, on the day, it will be locked down with more pins, spray and products to brave the Wellington elements.

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Image by Jo Moore Photography

Skin Prep

Start preparing your skin at least 6 months out to make sure it is at its absolute best for your big day. This will also determine how well your makeup will look and last throughout your wedding day.  Book a skin analysis appointment with a professional. They will advise you on the correct professional skincare for your skin type – avoid supermarket products at all costs!  Not only do supermarket brands just "sit" on the surface of your skin, doing absolutely nothing for your hydration, anti-ageing and skin balancing needs, but most of them also contain chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils

Waxing, Lash Extensions & Fake Tanning

If you have not had waxing done before, do not try it a couple of days before your wedding!! Do your research; seek a therapist that has been recommended by others. Have waxing trials a couple of months prior to your wedding in case of any skin reactions.  If you have never had lash extensions that last for 6-8 weeks or fake tanning, book a trial at least 3 months prior to your wedding. Also avoid spray tanning your face! Makeup doesn’t always adhere.

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Image by Anna Munro Photography

The Perfect Colour

Pre-book your hair colour appointments for the year. Talk to your hairdresser about length, colour and show them your desired look. Invest in the correct haircare products to maintain your style up until the day. Supermarket products will not do you or your stylist any favours! (I could write a book on this subject alone). Your stylist will devise a colour plan to get your hair in tiptop condition. Your final wedding colour should be achieved 2 weeks prior to your wedding day – especially blondes. If you have extensions, get your stylist to tone them to match your hair colour.

Hair Trims

Maintain your locks with light trims throughout the year, avoiding anything drastic. Avoid layering at all costs if you are planning to grow out your hair or have your hair up, and especially if braids are part of your style!

Personal Time

Last but not least, book time out for yourself! Planning a wedding is stressful. The best advice we can give you in the lead up to your wedding is to book a monthly facial and massage at least three months out. Relaxing the body and mind can be worth its weight in gold.

bridal beauty

Image by Jo Moore Photography

As stylists, it is our job to create a beauty that is timeless.  We want you to enjoy the best day of your life! Preparation is the key. Look good, feel good.