The Top 8 Wedding Themes for 2015/16
By Felicity Newburry

12 August 2015

What is your overall wedding theme? This is one of the first decisions you should make when planning your wedding. From the “Roaring 20’s” to a “Fairytale Romance”, the options are endless! The choice of a theme is important but often overwhelming. If you’re struggling to decide on a wedding theme that’s on trend but won’t fade out of style in the coming years, have a look through our top 8 wedding themes of 2015 and 2016. There’s something for everyone and each option provides tips and advice on how to create a tastefully themed and memorable wedding day.

Noi Tran Photography + Erin Jean Photography

1.     Whimsical Woodland

Since the very first folktale was told, the forest has been the perfect location for lovers and enchantment. Snow White was given the kiss of life in the forest and the recent film, Into the Woods, suggests that anything, from romance to pure magic, can occur beneath the canopy of the trees. A woodland themed wedding is a wonderful and whimsical idea that can be easily achieved.

To create an enchanted forest wedding you must incorporate the surrounding nature into your décor. You could string fairy lights between the trees or blend your ceremony arch and guest seating into the surrounding woodland by making them out of fallen timber, decorated with moss and ivy. Your guests could walk through a candle-lit path to your ceremony, held in a beautiful clearance concealed and kept intimate by acres of forest.

victorian vintage wedding

Melissa Andre Photography

2.     Victorian Vintage

The Victorian era was elegant and elaborate. It was a time of panache, sophistication and class and is a fantastic period of design to replicate in your ceremony and reception.

For a Victorian themed wedding, one must think “ornate” and “ostentatious”. However, you don’t want your décor to look as heavy or busy as many of the Victorian drawing rooms did. To avoid this, try combining intricate, Victorian styled centerpieces with single-coloured tablecloths and place settings. Opt for bold, key pieces and keep everything else elegant and simple so things don’t get over complicated.

mad hatter wedding theme

TruBlu Photography

3.     A ‘Mad Hatter’ Tea Party

A new, emerging wedding trend channels the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland. This wedding theme is vibrant, fun and unique and no two weddings in this style could ever look remotely the same.

This wedding theme takes what could be potentially gaudy and makes it absolutely fantastic. Set outdoors under the night sky with twinkling fairy lights, or in the beautiful spring sunshine, Mad Hatter receptions are full of floral china, table runners in bright colours and bouquets of multi coloured-roses and tropical flowers. This is also a great theme for weddings on a tight budget because a lot of the décor can be created at home and sourced from second-hand stores, such as the all-important mismatching teacups.

beach wedding

Island Sands Beach Weddings

4.     Love at the Seaside

Beach weddings always have and always will be a timeless classic. The bridal party in bare feet and the guests soaking up the warm summer sun while celebrating the nuptials of two friends makes for fond memories of a relaxed and charming wedding.

The key to creating a stunning beach wedding is to keep everything simple. Sand and water can make items such as aisle runners and shoes a hassle. Opt for simple fold-out chairs for the guests and minimal but beautiful decorations such as mason jars with candles or floating flowers inside. Fabrics should be soft and light to stay in theme with the windswept and sun-kissed surroundings.

garden party wedding

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5.     Garden Party

A garden wedding reflects the magic and imagery of The Secret Garden and is a perfect wedding theme for those who love the outdoors. What could be more wonderful than to be married amongst nature’s own cultivated beauty? A garden themed wedding could happen almost anywhere so long as the crucial element is present in abundance: flowers.

Garden weddings can be held under a roof provided it includes flower arrangements, potted plants, a flower wall or even faux grass. The ultimate venue choice however, is outdoors in the spring when the perfume of roses scent the air and fallen cherry blossoms line the aisle.

rustic wedding theme

​Rustic Grace Estate

6.     Rustic Charm

There is something wonderfully romantic about a rustic wedding. Whether the attraction comes from the inspiration of country romances such as The Last Song, or the beauty of simplicity, a rustic flair will never be outdated.

To create a wedding with rustic charm, begin by choosing a farm or outdoor setting and form your ideas from there. You may opt for hay bale seating, burlap sacking used tastefully in the décor, relaxed and natural-looking flower arrangements, or “shabby chic” furnishings. Often brides choose soft, tulle or lace dresses to match the relaxed rustic theme.

fairy tale wedding

Jake & Necia Photography

7.     Fairytale Romance

If you fell head over heels for your Prince or Princess Charming the moment you laid eyes on them, why not echo this within the theme of your wedding? You could share your romance with all those you care about by having a sparkling, gorgeous and magical wedding fit for a fairy tale.

The key to creating a fairy tale wedding is to take elements from fairytales and make them relevant to your theme. For example, roses under a glass dome make gorgeous table centerpieces and perfectly channel the Beauty and the Beast or an ombre-iced wedding cake in blue reflects the icy wonderland of Frozen. Fairy lights, pastel flower arrangements, glitter and diamanté décor are essentials for a fairytale wedding theme. 

20's wedding theme

Matthew & Mary from Downton Abbey

8.  The Roaring 20's

In 2013, Baz Luhrmann brought back the 1920’s with his film rendition of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. Ever since we haven’t been able to get enough of that glamorous, speakeasy era. If you have a little nostalgia for the romanticism and flair of the jazz age, the Roaring 20’s is an ideal theme for your wedding.

In order to create a genuine 1920’s feel you’ll need to tap into the art deco style of the era. Art deco is an architectural, fashion and design décor involving geometric shapes and lines. You can’t really go too far with such a structured style, unlike floral prints which can be a little hard on the eyes. You may choose to hold your reception in an old art deco hall, wear an art deco dress, or even just design your wedding invitations with an art deco theme.