The Top 8 Wedding Cake FAQ's
By Esther Dawson

09 July 2015

These days, there are so many options when it comes to wedding cakes. What design should you pick? Which flavour is the best? Also, how should you choose, display and save your wedding cake? In answer to these questions, Grace, from Sweet Bakery & Cakery, has shared some insider tips and advice to help you choose a cake that will both look good and taste delicious on your big day!

1. When should I start looking for a professional wedding cake baker?

It's best to start talking to your cake maker at least 6 months out from your wedding date. Sometimes you can get away with less notice, but if your wedding is in peak wedding season (around December – March), you might find your first choice is booked up and unable to help you.


2. How do I find the right baker? What should I look for?

There are many talented cake makers to choose from. I'd recommend  starting out by talking to the one that gets you excited the most when you check out their website, see their designs or read about/taste their flavours. You want to make sure their style ties in with your style – some cake makers are more traditional (white fondant iced fruit cakes), whereas others are more modern and relaxed. What you go for will depend on your style as a couple and what you want your day to be like.

3. How should I display my cake at the reception?

Lots of couples and venues choose to display the wedding cake on a table with a white table cloth next to the 'head table'. But don't feel limited by that! It's becoming more common now to get a bit creative. You could sit the cake on a wine barrel, have it as the centre piece of a dessert or candy buffet, or place it on a rustic tree stump. Don't forget to add some decorations around the cake – perhaps some fairy lights, flowers or photos of your family members cutting the cake at their wedding.


4. Will my cake survive an outdoor summer wedding?

Yes! Our cakes at Sweet are all made with buttercream icing, and while this can't be left in direct sunlight, as long as it's properly looked after, it will hold up for an outdoor summer wedding. If you're worried, you can leave the cake in a cooler spot until it's ready for the big ‘cut-the-cake’ moment, or find some outdoor shade at your venue.


5. When are you supposed to cut the cake?

There are no rules! Most people cut their cake just before the main course is served so that the caterer can cut it up while you eat your main course, and have it ready for dessert. But some people decide to have their cake with bubbles straight after the ceremony. Just go with whatever works best with the flow of your day. Your caterer might have some ideas or advice on this as well, so check with them to see what they'd prefer.

6. What options do I have for cake flavours? What are the most popular?

We have over 20 different cake flavours to choose from at Sweet! Our flavour options range from Nutella to Lemon & Raspberry to Peanut Butter Chocolate – something for everyone! Double Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Raspberry & White Chocolate are definitely our most popular wedding cake flavours. Remember you can have a different flavour for each tier of your cake!


7. What cake designs are trending at the moment?

We're still loving the look of relaxed, rustic, textured buttercream icing cakes, with bursts of beautifully-colourful fresh flowers. I think this look is timeless and is our generation’s equivalent of the white-wedding-cake. Trends are also starting to move back towards more modern and refined cake designs as well, with clean lines and geometric designs.


8. Is it possible to keep the top tier fresh for our one-year anniversary?

This tradition stems back to when wedding cakes were all fruit cake with fondant icing (which last forever)! Nowadays, with flavoured sponge cakes and buttercream icing, cakes don't tend to freeze as well, so we don't see this trend as much. I tend to recommend couples come back for their first anniversary and order a mini replica of their wedding cake – that way it'll actually be enjoyable for them to eat at the time. That being said, there's nothing to stop you giving freezing a go!