How to Pen the Perfect Thank-You Note
By Felicity Newburry

22 February 2016

Aside from their attendance, a huge way guests show their love and support for you and your beloved is by giving you both wonderful and often very generous wedding gifts. In return for their kindness, it’s customary that the newly wed couple pen thank-you notes in return. However, putting together thank-you notes for all your guests can seem like a mammoth task, even more so if you have a large guest list. This is where procrastination can run rife, but fear not! Here are 5 pro tips for writing personal thank you notes to each of your guests.

Image by Carlos Salazar Photography

1. Stock up

Planning your wedding? Now is the perfect time to get prepared! If you want special notecards printed, get on to choosing them now because this will leave you with one less thing to worry about when it comes time to write those thank-you notes! If your wedding has been and gone, you have two options: immediately get online and order some printed notecards or alternatively, make your own. Buy some card, some nice pens and some scrapbooking decorations. It could be a fun venture! But bear in mind, this may be impractical for particularly long guest lists.

2. Rope in recruits

If you’re currently pre-wedding, assign one of the members of your wedding party with the task of keeping a gift register. This list will be worth its weight in gold by the time writing your notes comes around! During the rush of the day, it can be very easy to forget who exactly gave you what. If you’re post-wedding and you don’t have a gift register, contact members of your wedding party or anyone who can discreetly help you track down the givers of your gifts.

Thank you notes are a big task, so when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of actually writing the cards, it’s not a one-person job! Do this task with your partner; it’s also a nice way to recount your big day. If you’ve opted for DIY thank you cards, get one or two family members or friends to help you out too!

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3. Start A.S.A.P!

Do not leave this too late! The later you leave it, the more room for procrastination and little memory lapses! It’s better to get your notes out within 2 or 3 months at the most. Longer than this and your guests may already have felt forgotten or a little disappointed (especially if they helped out out in a big way at your wedding).

4. Set Up Shop!

If the day of note-writing has arrived, it’s time to make the task as fun and comfortable as possible. Set up in a warm environment, provide nice pens, seat yourself in a comfortable chair, approach the task with a positive attitude, put on some music and perhaps pour yourselves a glass of wine and lay out some cheese and crackers.

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5. The power of three

Three is a charm when it comes to writing your notes. After addressing your guests, put down three short sentences thanking them for the gift and how it slotted right into your married life. Finish it with a warm sign off, such as “much love,” or “many thanks.” Below is an example to use as a template:

Dear Francie and Richard,

Thank you so much for joining us on our special day and for the gift of  the beautiful wine glasses. They were just what we needed and you know how we love our Red! Christopher and I are looking forward to bringing them out whenever you visit!

All the best,

Virginia and Christopher 

A final, savvy secret from one bride to another:

As it often happens, some of us leave our thank-you notes so long that the whole thing seems sort of silly… but it’s not! As one savvy bride told us, the best thing to do when you’ve let 6 or more months go by is to actually wait longer and send your notes out after one year, on your anniversary! If you do this, it gives you the opportunity to add a little more to your notes on how married life and the gift has treated you. It will also seem as if there was method to the lateness. Still a win-win!

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