How to Make the Most of Social Media @ Your Wedding
By Felicity Newburry

10 February 2016

We live in the era of social media, yet so many of us seem to fight against this when it comes to our wedding days. Whether this is due to traditionalism or not, one thing is for certain – with the rate social media is dominating our every day lives, jobs and socialization, it’s now time for brides and grooms to accept that we can’t beat ‘em, so it’s time we joined ‘em! And here’s how to join ‘em, in a tasteful and modern way.

Image by Ben Goode Photography

What do we mean when we talk about social media? Instagram! Facebook! Twitter! E-Mailing! Pinterest! These social media outlets take up a part of almost everyone’s day and can be very useful and economic tools to utilize in the planning and execution of your big day! Recently, we’ve seen couples asking guests not to take photos, or not to upload anything to social media until the couple’s professional photography has been released. We understand this – photographers can be expensive and no one wants their costly photos overshadowed by guests trying to get the ‘perfect shot’. But there are other ways to embrace the technology at your fingertips – keep scrolling to read our ideas on how to effectively utilize the internet in your wedding!

wedding selfie

Image by C Barnes Photography

Let there be selfies!

This may seem a little bit progressive or even scary for those of you who have been gearing yourselves up to fight social media, but instead of asking that your guests don’t take photos, encourage them to! Why? Because as wonderful and fantastic as a photographer is (and we are not discouraging their use at all!), they simply cannot capture all of the hilarious and endearing selfies that your guests will be taking. Imagine if you had access to the multitude of snaps your guests took celebrating your big day instead of making them feel awkward about taking selfies on the sly! Allowing your guests free reign to snap away will provide you with multitudes of raw, candid photos. Consider having a no-phone policy during the reception though; it’s best if everyone is fully present for the special moment when you say “I do”.

If you choose to go down the selfie path, it’s a good idea to have an uploading system on site. Consider setting up a laptop and someone to man it, so that your guests can upload the photos they snapped before leaving your reception. Make sure you have Android and Apple cables on hand. 

wedding hashtag

Use those #Hashtags

Example: #mrandmrsjenson2016

If you are unsure about having an uploading system at the reception, consider latching onto the hashtagging frenzy and create a hashtag for your guests to use! Put it on their invitations and have it written somewhere at the reception so that guests can hashtag whatever photos or statuses they make with your personal wedding hashtag! Creating a hashtag won’t cost you any money and is an easy and savvy way to collect any thoughts, photos and videos posted online from your wedding day. Consider encouraging your guests to Tweet at your wedding with a hashtag as a sort of online guest book!

wedding selfie

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There’s no event like a Facebook event!

Facebook groups and event pages are used all over the world as a means of inviting and keeping attendees updated on the event and to communicate with different parties involved. It makes sense then, that a technology-savvy wedding would have a wedding Facebook page. You’ll have control over who is invited and can decide who should be the page admin(s), which may only be you and your spouse-to-be, or the two of you with the help of your maid of honor and/or best man. Guests can post on the page with any questions they may have and you can keep your guests in the loop with regards to any changes that are made. This could also be the place for guests to drop their photos after the wedding.

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A cost-saving, earth-friendly and easy-as-pie way to distribute your wedding invitations is through the internet. Everybody checks their emails regularly so you can be assured that your guests will receive your invitation. This also provides an incredibly easy way to RSVP – they can just e-mail you straight back! To further this idea, you could send your invitations out in a group format which will allow guests to see who else is invited, giving them the opportunity to get in contact early to go shopping for their wedding outfits together or combine on wedding gifts. It also saves guests from awkward situations where they assume a mutual friend was invited, when in fact they were not.

If you’re concerned about this idea with regards to grandparents or guests of the older generation, it’s still thrifty to make up only a few paper invitations to send to these loved ones through the mail. 

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