Rustic Wedding Cakes on the Rise
By Raashka Mannie

13 June 2019

Simple, rustic and naked wedding cakes here to stay. The appeal of rustic wedding cakes is their simplicity, a nod to bare beauty and everything that they celebrate. Picking a wedding cake is a seemingly endless task as is, but rustic wedding cakes love to trend their way in and out of wedding planning. We’ve got Bridget, baker extraordinaire, from Cake It Forward to shed some light on the magic of rustic wedding cakes.

Image by Cake It Forward

1/ Rustic wedding cakes? What are they?

To put it simply, they’re the simplest of wedding cakes. I have to admit, I used to have an aversion to making simple wedding cakes. Rustic wedding cakes, naked wedding cakes, and those simple wedding cakes with not a lot of details weren't my favourite wedding cake orders − but not anymore!

2/ So when is a rusting wedding cake a fitting wedding cake option?

There are a few things I've realised over the last couple of years: Wellington weddings are often relaxed weddings, not super formal affairs. Our summer weddings usually have grazing tables, picnic lunches, canapes and cocktails outside.

A lot of the wedding cakes I've recently delivered have been to beautiful, relaxed venues: vineyard weddings, barn weddings, and country weddings in homey venues like Ohariu Farm and Boomrock. Rustic or semi-naked wedding cakes are perfect for those settings.

Sure, I love making art deco wedding cakes and sparkly geode wedding cakes,  but I love a rustic wedding cake request − it usually because that means the bride and groom are laid back, relaxed people, too.

Image by Cake It Forward

3/ What do rustic wedding cakes usually look like?

A lot of the rustic wedding cakes I make are rustic, circle designs with stunning fresh flowers. They're not super complicated or fussy; they're just beautiful, simple and scrumptious.

4/ But what’s the key to a good wedding cake, rustic or not?

Of course, they have to be delicious. Whether you go for a modern, traditional or rustic wedding cake, what people will remember is the taste. We offer free cake tastings for all our couples once they've confirmed their order. You get to mix and match cake, fillings and frosting flavours to find the perfect cake for you. And yes, you can mix it up and have different flavours for each tier.


Image by Cake It Foward

At the end of the day, what every bride and groom wants is a special day where they get to relax and have fun with their family and friends. It's your wedding, and everything about it should be special for you.

Get in touch with Cake It Foward to have a chat about what you'd like. We have lots of ideas and examples, and, of course, you get to taste lots of wedding cakes before your big day, which is probably one of the best parts of organising your wedding.