Old World Romance & Style: 4 Secrets of a Vintage Wedding
By Esther Dawson

25 November 2015

Vintage and rustic decor has certainly been a popular theme choice for weddings all over the world during the past few years. Some might argue that rustic-style weddings are fading into non-existence, but here at Wellington Weddings, we’re pretty sure the vintage wedding will become a timeless theme, along with the swingin’ 50’s and roaring 20’s! One of our newest vendors, Out of the Attic, should be your first stop when planning the perfect, vintage wedding! They hire out gorgeous props and décor items that will add a special touch to any event. Jeremy, the director, has some fascinating and valuable thoughts about our connection with the past which is often reflected in the wedding day itself… but I’ll let him speak…

“It feels like a strange kind of job when it’s one hundred percent what you enjoy doing. Going out almost every day, travelling the country, searching for beautiful vintage objects. But this is exactly the situation I found myself in once the decision was made to proceed with Out of the Attic. We started out with pretty much nothing but a clear vision as to the overall feel that we were after. It was very important that each object had to fit ‘the look’ and fulfil the brief stylistically. We had always been collectors of sorts, but never on a scale like this!

Increasingly these days, many couples are choosing to make more than just a gesture to the past on their special day. It was during this intense period of collecting, that I started to really think about the connection we make when we use objects from a bygone age. What do they really represent, and what secret messages do they convey? 

vintage wedding decor

1. Quality in Craftsmanship

There are those that simply admire the ascetic beauty of past generations. From the early rustic colonial era to the more elegant periods that were to follow, there was a quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that we sadly no longer strive for today. From a beautifully turned table leg to the wondrous skill of the artist creating intricately decorated tableware, there was a real sense of integrity and style that can now create a stunning setting for any special event.

vintage wedding decor

2. From Wedding to Wedding

Many of the vintage pieces that we are using today have made their way out of their original place in the display cabinet of the ‘front room’ of the house. They were displayed as objects of status and were only taken out on very special occasions to impress guests. These items include fine china tea sets, elegant serving dishes, crystal bowls and vases, and the almost obligatory boxed set of silver fish knifes. Interestingly, these items are probably used far more frequently now than they were in the past. Often given as wedding or engagement gifts, it isn’t without a certain amount of irony that these pieces are now resurfacing at the very types of events they were originally gifted at. What better way to impress your guests with such elegance and beauty while at the same time evoking a sense of continuity between generations.

vintage wedding decor

3. A Link with the Past

But what do these objects say about us? They evoke a sense of time and history, and by creating a link to the past, it shows we value those who have come before us. A tribute to our heritage perhaps. It may also reflect a preference for an older set of values, especially those concerned with relationships. Pieces that have been preserved and cared for all their lives are, in themselves, a representation of love and dedication. Throughout your wedding, these objects will portray to your guests this sense of true commitment.

antique decor

4. Something Old, Something New…

As the saying goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.” This was originally a reference to the objects a bride adds to her wedding outfit and carries around with her on the big day. As a set of lucky charms, they represented love and happiness, continuity, and a optimism for a prosperous future. So whether you’re superstitious or not, this saying reflects a need to remember where we have come from. The connections your guest will make regarding a vintage-style setting will be varied and dependant on their own perspective of the past. The objects themselves will not last forever, and with time may completely disappear. But I say, let’s give them their day in the sun!”

vintage wedding decor