Monthly Favourites: July 2016
By Felicity Newburry

31 July 2016

Sothe weather may not have changed since last month, still chilly, buton the other hand the wedding industry haschanged enough for us to bring you another fabulous throwback. Here is another chance for you take a break from all that busy wedding planning and look back on the exciting trends that came from July. And what an excellent season it was, from classical themes to not-so-traditional bridesmaids dresses. It's all below. Enjoy!

Image by Bohemian Simplicity Photography + Design 

The Theme: Absolute Elegance

The theme of the month is creating receptions and ceremonies that are reminiscent of a royal affair! This largely includes the use of gold, such as gold metallic décor and tablecloths, gold cutlery, yellow twinkle lights and of course, candles. As well as this, roses are popular given their timeless elegance so centerpieces, bouquets and aisle decor are relying on the use of red, white or pink roses to look absolutely glamorous. Love it!

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The Colour: Winter Berries

The colour palette of the month is deep, berry pink with dark green and taupe-y cream. It’s the sort of colour palette that is warming us up from the inside out, while still feeling grounded and being inspired by this wonderful but chilly season. If you’re in the dream-board stages of planning your big day, we definitely recommend you try this colour scheme on for size!

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The Dress: No-Where-Near-Matching Bridesmaids Dresses!

Now, we are not strangers to the idea of mis-matched bridesmaid dresses, this has actually been a trend that has been on the rise for a couple years now, featuring dresses of similar colours but alternating styles or vice versa. However, this month we’ve seen a new trend come out of this older one – dresses that don’t really match at all, and you know what? We love it! It is such a freeing concept – couples completely doing away with confining dress codes! We suppose that so long as the colours of the dresses go together, or clash in just the right way, what is not to love about this?

brides maids dresses, matching, wedding, style, bridal party

The Hair: Bridal Barrettes!

It seems that this July, brides have loved having a little sparkle in their hair as opposed to fresh flowers! Maybe this is a winter thing, maybe this is a trend that is here to stay. Brides are donning jewel encrusted, silver, gold and bronze hair accessories above bun hairstyles, creating timeless and elegant looks. Fabulous!

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The Accessories: Alternative guest seating!

It seems couples are throwing out the idea of rows at their ceremony and instead taking a leaf out of a theatre maker’s book! We are seeing “ceremony in the round” set-ups or “thrust-stage” set-ups and this is great because we are all for trying something new! Totally hoping this trend sticks!\

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The Rich and The Famous: Emilie de Ravin

Emilie de Ravin Is Engaged!

For the many of you who loved the film Remember Me or the hit television show Once Upon A Time, you’ll be excited to hear that our favourite Aussie actress has gotten engaged – with a three carat, cushion cut diamond no less! Emilie de Ravin’s engagement to writer and director Eric Bilitch comes only a few months after they welcomed their gorgeous baby girl Vera into the world via Instagram. Definitely looking forward to seeing the photos of their big day!

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Wedding Song:

Come away with me _ Norah jones

Norah Jones’ timeless vocals make this song a winner every month, it just so happens that it made an appearance on a Spotify playlist recently and it has been at the top of our ideal wedding song list all month. It makes a great background track for an intimate walk down the isle. Perhaps even a great choice for a first dance, you can’t deny the desire to sway to it’s romantic rhythm. have a listen to this months favourite wedding song here.

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