18 Snappy Touches to Add to Your Micro Wedding
By Raashka Mannie

16 February 2022

There’s no reason that your micro wedding shouldn’t be the event of the season. This is how you make that happen.

They’re the talk of the town, micro weddings. Most people are still figuring out how to host their big days while being safe and complying with pandemic rules. Now that we’ve settled on live streaming weddings to your loved ones all over the world, heavenly wedding photographers and skilful wedding videographers to make those memories last forever, what else can we do to spice up micro weddings? We’ve got the solutions for you. With micro weddings comes a whole new playing field of personalised touches that will turn your big day from simply tiny to tremendous. You’re afforded a wealth of chances to get extra creative and go above and beyond when it comes to styling, designing and hosting your micro wedding. Here’s how to take advantage of that.

Image by Ryan McCauley Photography


1/ Get ready together

There’s no need for a first look with micro weddings if you’re not keen on one. You and your partner can get ready together. There’s something incredibly intimate about getting ready for your special day together. We’ve seen partners spritz on one another’s perfume, affix cufflinks or strap on heels for the other – it’s downright adorable. The first look isn’t a necessary part of getting married, but this is particularly true for micro weddings. Instead, a first look can become the first time your guests see you and your partner head towards them as a couple about to be married – meaningful and lovely in an entirely new way.

2/ Pre-wedding shoots

Take your time with this one. Pre-wedding shoots are more doable than ever with the flexibility that micro weddings grant you. They make for the perfect slot to get in those warm and gorgeous couple shots that are so, so crucial for your memory bank. Our talented selection of wedding photographers recommends pre-wedding shoots for how cherished those moments are between you and your partner. You can find a whole host of examples in their portfolios, whether they’re darling micro weddings, engagements or more.

Image by Bonnie Photographics

3/ Pets welcome

A traditional wedding can be a whirlwind of people, activities and petals – daunting stuff for our furry friends. Our pets are much a part of our family as anyone else we love, so including them in big days can mean a lot. Micro weddings make it much simpler to include your pets in your wedding, from wagging their way down the aisle to sitting beside you on a puffy pillow during the reception. And yes, you can get them a custom meal to celebrate along with everyone else. That seems only fair, doesn’t it?

4/ Explore new or old venues

Your micro wedding can happen just about anywhere you please. Some couples take to snowy mountaintops or private beaches, while others settle for their own backyard during golden hour. The beauty of a micro wedding is that it’s all possible – you can utilise venues that you never would’ve considered or stay at home for added comfort and safety. Our venues also boast a bunch of micro wedding options, however, so don’t overlook them as you put together your perfect day.

Image by Michelle Davies Photography

5/ Reinvent the ceremony

Who said your wedding ceremony has to be done in staid silence? It’s your party, so you can do what you want! Have it intimately at dusk, at the water’s edge or as casually as you like. Invite your guests to speak up with words of love or something to make you laugh. Interactive ceremonies make the moment all the more memorable and meaningful to everyone involved. Your micro wedding’s ceremony gets to be something you’re happy with in every sense.

6/ Take it outside or keep it inside

Another fun tidbit when it comes to micro weddings is how fluid they can be. Your reception and dance floor can be beneath the stars. Dining under starlight and then grooving away with your loved ones sounds like such a treat, doesn’t it? You can have your micro wedding in a lush garden or a stunning restaurant that you’ve hired out for the day. Choose a space that speaks to you as a couple and go with it; you can get as cosy as you like in a light-filled room or on the grass.

Image by Julia Garcia-Prat Photography

7/ Get bespoke with catering

You’ve selected your guest list with utmost care. You know that your mom loves lasagna; you know that your best friend can’t stand olives; you know that your partner is currently obsessed with mango chutney. It’s time to make use of this. Micro weddings allow you to customise your catering to your heart’s content. Serve family favourites for a homey feel, or prepare individualised meals for everyone invited. The world of wedding catering is your oyster – unless someone has an aversion to them.

8/ Dress it up

The bold and the beautiful is not just a soapy TV series – it’s precisely what you can be at your micro wedding. Don’t limit yourself with your fashion or even your guests’ fashion. Your day will be personalised, unique and fun, so why not have a wedding look that mimics this? In fact, have several wedding looks, if your heart desires. You can swap outfits several times throughout the day, going as elegant and glamorous as you like or toning it down to something more casual and soft.

Image by Luxx Nova

9/ Dance the night away in comfort

Everyone loves to boogie down on the big day. When ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA comes on, who are we, if not people who shout the lyrics to the heavens as we twirl around? But you’ve got to let your guests do this in supreme comfort at your micro wedding. We suggest setting up a flip-flop station. They’re inexpensive and can be popped into a cute basket for your guests’ use. Trust us, they’ll thank you.

10/ Family-style dining

The idea of a sit-down dinner with a handful of your nearest and dearest is a welcome one. You can bring the very same vibe to your reception. You can get creative with the setting, whether you’re opting for a circular table, a longer one or something funky – but you’re all at the same table, sharing a meal and celebrating. It’s a warm, wonderful feeling to break bread with your loved ones at your micro wedding, laughing and talking all the while. It also filters into selecting a more relaxed and wholesome menu if that tickles your fancy.

Image by Chasewild

11/ Buffet-style dining

Or opt for the other direction and do away with all those courses and planning. Micro weddings are, in our opinion, the most perfect type of wedding for buffets. They allow for more dishes, bigger portions and greater variety. You and your guests can indulge the night away, going back for seconds as many times as you like and still dubbing them seconds. Don’t worry – we won’t tell.

12/ Truck along

Of course, some couples love the festival vibe when it comes to micro weddings. We do too. Food trucks are way too cool to pass up. If you have a signature food you love as a couple, find a fitting food truck and serve it up. Tacos, burgers, milkshakes, pizza, all that jazz – your micro wedding is the place to make dining the experience you want it to be. You’re going to be over the moon as you bite into a perfect, cheesy slice of pizza in all its melty goodness after getting married. We guarantee it.

Image by Kearnan Murphy Photo

13/ Lounge about

Micro weddings open up a ton of room to get inventive. Our personal favourite is the lounge seating option: plush couches, footstools and a cosy atmosphere that will transform your micro wedding into the intimate yet stylish event you’re aiming for. Seating does not have to be pews, white chairs in a line or any of the rigidity that larger weddings bring. Your guests will be as relaxed as can be as they drink in your ceremony from a pink loveseat, mimosa in hand.

14/ Customise those invites

If Jane Austen has taught us anything, it’s that a handwritten letter goes a long way. With your wedding invites, you can customise them to your heart’s content. Micro weddings allow you to handwrite each and every one or to even personalise them based on the individual you’re inviting. Try miniature paintings, dried petals, cute doodles or more to make them stand out from the usual lot. Your loved ones will keep them forever.

Image by Michelle Ramirez Photography

15/ Intricate favours

A massive plus of micro weddings is just how deep you can dive into personalisation. Wedding favours don’t have to be created en masse; you can pick out individualised gifts. Labelling their gifts by hand or choosing different favours for each person can be a heartwarming and fun activity. You can go beyond the ‘generally liked’ label for your micro wedding and select wedding favours that really mean something.

16/ Make it a getaway

Domestic or international, your micro wedding can be an escape outside your usual world. With a handful of loved ones, you can travel someplace new or already loved, choosing to have your special day overnight or even longer. It’s sort of like a massive sleepover with the people you cherish the most. It's hard to resist when we put it that way, huh?

Image by Patina Photo + Film

17/ Light up your world

Lighting matters – and lighting can make statements, too. If you’re having a cosy, sit-down reception, create a starry sky above your table. During your ceremony, wrap the altar in fairy lights for added pep. There are so many ways to innovate with lighting at your micro wedding because the quaint size awards you with a plethora of options to stand out in all the best and brightest ways.

18/ Don’t skip dessert

Let them eat cake, and make it personal. We’ve got expert bakers and cakers that can whip up individualised desserts for your big day. If you’re after something different, however, why not explore it? Macarons, cookies, ice-cream cakes, cupcakes and more – all those delights can make rounds at your micro wedding. Couples often opt for smaller cakes and go crazy with other desserts simply because they now have the chance to explore.

Image by Kirsten Walsh Photographer