Insider Tips: How to Choose a Bouquet that You LOVE
By Esther Dawson

27 January 2016

For a good number of years I (Yvette Edwards) have been designing wedding flowers all around the world. The one thing I have learnt is that a little bit of knowledge and some insider tips go a long way when choosing your bouquet. Usually, I suggest that you choose your wedding dress and date before you choose your bouquet. Below are a few of my own “secrets” to help you get started choosing one of your most important bridal accessories. It should be an enjoyable experience, so talk with your floral designer if you need help or further advice.

Image by Benjamin and Elise Photographers & Cover image by Fiona Anderssen

1. Know the Jargon

There are lots of technical terms used to describe the different wedding bouquet designs, however the main two are the hand-tied bouquet and the trailing bouquet. A hand-tied bouquet is where the flowers’ natural stems are spiralled and tied together in the florist’s hand to form a round or asymmetrical design. A trailing bouquet is often created where the flower heads are fastened on wires to make a long, narrow cascade of flowers and foliage.

2. Gather Images

Pinterest is a great tool to start collecting bouquet images and to assist with identifying the trends and styles that you like, but be warned: I’ve seen many brides spend hours (upon hours) of time ‘pinning’ hundreds of images. Planning a wedding is a little bit like having a part time job on the side, so use your time carefully. Three to five images is enough for a floral designer to understand what you like.

wedding bouquet

Image by Tea Lily

3. Choose the Colour

Have a look through the images you’ve gathered and see if there are any colour trends emerging. For a more classic look you may choose to have an ivory or white-toned bridal bouquet and for a more contemporary look you might choose to have a variety of colours. These colours may be inspired by the bridesmaids’ dresses, but don’t limit yourself to this. A good floral designer will be able to make any colour scheme work by choosing complimentary tones. I often recommend choosing at least three colour tones (e.g. nude, pale pink, blush), as this always gives a much softer and more romantic look to the bouquet. If you want a more colourful, fun look then choose only your favourite three to avoid a messy rainbow of colour.

4. Reflect Your Wedding Style

You can tie together a lot of your wedding details into your bouquet and this often helps to bring your overall style together. For example, if you have a country garden setting, then use the surroundings to inspire the bouquet you choose - tumbling foliage and blousy roses will look perfect and highlight your venue and complement your wedding gown. Think about what material you could use to tie around the flowers stems that will fit in with your style choices – torn silk ribbon and twine are two very popular trends.

wedding bouquet

Image by Catherine Cattanach Photography

5. Use the Seasons

In New Zealand, we’re very lucky enough to have most of our flowers grown locally, meaning we really only have access to seasonal blooms. Use the season of your wedding to showcase the beauty of nature. Not only will this mean you’ll have the best flowers, but it will also portray the time of year in your photographs, capturing the memory of your day perfectly. It might sound a bit emotional, but there really is nothing like fallen leaves and berries in autumn, delicate scented bulb flowers in spring, blousy garden roses in summer, and bare mossy branches in winter to get a gasp of delight from your guests. Your wedding bouquet is an integral part of your day, so spend the time choosing something that you love.

wedding bouquet

Image by Benjamin and Elise Photographers