How to Plan the Perfect Rustic Wedding
By Felicity Newburry

01 October 2015

Over the last couple of years, rustic décor (also known as the “shabby chic” trend) has become one of the go-to themes for weddings. This is because it's simple, timeless and a huge budget saver! So, if you need convincing that a rustic theme is ideal for your big day, read on to learn about 5 super simple steps that will help you plan a gorgeous rustic wedding.

Image by Priscilla Valentina Photography

1. Don’t Over Do the D.I.Y 

The beauty of a shabby chic wedding is that so much of it can be created at home. You can make your own favours, flower arrangements, invitations, centre-pieces, ceremony decorations... the do-it-yourself possibilities are endless! However, it is important to avoid biting off more than you can chew. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many responsibilities other than the creation of decorations and you will need to conserve time and energy for these tasks. Tip number one is to pick out a few key D.I.Y options that are easy, look stunning, and will save you money, then leave the rest to being outsourced and provided by other wedding vendors.

2. Stick to the Necessities

What makes a rustic themed wedding stand out among others is the beauty in its simplicity. Nothing is too hugely detailed or overstated. The atmosphere is instead crafted to feel warm, inviting and comfortable. Thus, sticking to the necessities and passing on the huge, flashy items is an easy and important step to take when planning a rustic wedding. For example, you could go for a large, stunning cake – but steer clear of enormous centrepieces for the guests' tables.

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Image from Love Wed Bliss

3. Location, Location, Location!

This is a very important and key decision in the design process. A rustic wedding ceremony and reception can be created in any space, but for a more inclusive and genuine rustic feel there are better places to hold the wedding than a hotel for instance. Outdoors, in a marquee, in a barn, in an old hall… the options are innumerable! A lot of the shabby chic trend is built upon the principle of bringing the outdoors in, or the indoors out. An example may be the inclusion of haystacks or pinecones in the hall/barn décor or indoor couches and table settings in an outdoor setting.

4. Colour Palette

The warmth of a rustic theme is hugely reliant on a taupe base colour; however, that is not to say you cannot build upon this in any colour variation you want! So long as you avoid any colours that are too bold, you can construct your décor palette based on your wedding colours, or try a more relaxed approach by letting your flowers bring colour to the floor. Often burlap sacking and wood are used to build the brown base, and pastel or earthy colours are brought in to complement those key tones. Some nice colour combinations are pale pinks and peaches, oranges and greens, and blues and creams.

wedding signage

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5. Fabulous Fonts and Signage

A wonderful and popular addition to the rustic theme is the use of signage. With rustic weddings often set outside, couples invest in the materials to create signs that provide instructions and point guests in the right direction. Cute and quirky statements on the signs are used to explain what things are for, such as insect repellent for guests at a farm wedding or an announcements such as, “Two families are becoming one; choose a seat not a side”. Adding a sign written in cursive on wood or in chalk on a blackboard adds an immediate rustic feel.

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