How to Plan a Tech-Savvy Wedding
By Lorna Urwin

27 October 2016

We live in a world where technology has helped enhance and streamline almost every part of modern life. Wedding planning is no exception! Here are our top suggestions for planning a wedding that makes the most of today’s technology.

1/ Using a website as a wedding invite

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Image by Krista Fox Photography

With almost everyone online these days, it can make sense for a lot of couples to reach out to their guest list electronically (thereby avoiding the expense and hassle of paper). Even if you don’t want to go fully paperless, you might like to set up a wedding website to offer supplementary information that doesn’t fit with your formal invites (e.g. your gift registry, travel/accommodation details).

If the idea of setting up a website seems too tricky, don’t worry. There are a variety of providers that offer guidance on how to get your site online and many offer easy-to-edit templates to make it look beautiful too. Make sure to budget for a website, though! While some site builders are free, others charge per month or per year to keep your site online.

2/ Ask for playlist suggestions on your invites

tech, bride, wedding, marriage, modern, fun, guests

Image by Patina Photography

While you’re putting together those invites – electronic or otherwise - think ahead and ask for guests to suggest songs that will get them on the dancefloor! This can be done with a collaborative playlist on a music site like Spotify, or by starting a discussion thread on your wedding website. Before you know it, you’ll have a pre-prepared list as a starting point to give to your DJ or band.

3/ A wedding hashtag

tech, bride, wedding, marriage, modern, fun, guests

Images by Hyer Images and Sposto Photography

Even if you’re not on social media, it’s unlikely that the phenomenon of hashtagging has escaped your notice! As a way of aggregating Twitter posts or Instagram photos based on common topics or themes (e.g. #travel, #fashion, #cute), they are a great way to see a variety of content from different users at a glance. Use this to round up wedding photos by inventing a wedding hashtag and sharing it with your guests.

Remember that it will need to be a unique to avoid it being cluttered with irrelevant images. You might like to use this opportunity to craft a ‘celebrity couple name’ for yourselves in the style of #BrangelinaGetMarried or #Kimye2017. You can easily get more creative or humorous too. Creations like  #HereComeTheMartins, #HarrisFiesta or #HappilyEverAnderson might better suit your personalities or theme!

If you’re a social media maven yourself, you might want to post some of your own shots (like some ‘behind the scenes’ wedding prep prior to or on the day) to bring your guests along for the ride and build excitement in the run up to the ceremony.

4/ Selfie sticks

tech, bride, wedding, marriage, modern, fun, guests

Image by Avodah Photography

Provide selfie sticks at each table to encourage guests to make use of their camera apps. You could even leave suggestions for photography games to break the ice, like a ‘pass the selfie stick’ game where one guest selects a pose (e.g. Charlie’s Angels, Blue Steel, Vogue) and everyone passes the selfie stick around, taking turns to snap a priceless wedding memento as individuals or small groups. The results are perfect for putting into a hashtagged collage for Instagram!

5/ Charging stations for phones

tech, bride, wedding, marriage, modern, fun, guests

Image by Sarah McEvoy Photography

One of the main obstacles to the social media fun is the dreaded ‘low battery’ alert! Preempt this by offering a few charging stations at key mingling spots at the reception.

6/ Photography presentation

tech, bride, wedding, marriage, modern, fun, guests

Image by Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Some digital photographers are able to utilize the time when guests tuck into dinner to select photo highlights for a mini-presentation for everyone to admire. This can be brilliant as a backdrop and talking point while guests finish up their dessert ahead of cutting the cake. If your photographer isn’t able to arrange this for you, the trusty wedding hashtag can make a great fallback option. Have a tech-savvy usher or bridesmaid on hand to browse your hashtag, put the best shots from the ceremony and cocktail hour into a rotating slideshow and organise the display.

7/ Live streaming

tech, bride, wedding, marriage, modern, fun, guests

Image by Madlove Photography

One of the most useful aspects of technology lies in building connections and bringing people together. Use this to your advantage and allow guests who were unable to attend in person to be a part of the celebration with a live stream. Whether you hire a professional service or do-it-yourself by enlisting a friend who’s handy with Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Live this is a truly thoughtful way of ensuring no one misses out on the wedding fun!