How to Make Your Wedding Last
By Lorna Urwin

14 December 2016

While wedding planning may seem to last forever, your wedding day often goes by in a flash. Once it’s all over, it’s not unusual for brides to be left with a touch of the post-wedding blues! To combat these, we’ve gathered some unique ideas for keeping the wedding joy and magic alive in the months and years after saying ‘I do’.

1/ Dress

Image by Siaosi Photography

For many brides the item that most captures the magic of the day is their dress. While it’s natural to keep and treasure the gown itself for many years to come, for practical reasons it may remain in a garment bag stored away and won’t be available to spark happy memories on a regular basis. To throw more of a spotlight on your most prized outfit, preserve its beauty with a framed illustration or painting (there are several artists on Etsy who provide this service). This is much easier to showcase than the dress itself, and will serve as a gorgeous work of art in its own right!

2/ Bouquet

Image by Jessica Gold Photography

Cut flowers are, by their nature, short-lived, but there are several ways to preserve their charm for the future! Flowers may be dried or pressed, and then stored in a decorative box or frame. As with the dress, a painting can be a lovely substitute for the real thing and a bouquet portrait has the advantage of not being overtly wedding themed. To anyone else, it’s simply a floral piece of art, but its deeper significance will resonate with you and your nearest and dearest.

3/ Wedding signs

Images by Amy Arrington Photography and Laura Ivanova Photography

Couples are getting more and more creative with their wedding signage, elevating them from mere practicalities to beautiful pieces of décor or meaningful reflections on love. Rustic or elegant, humorous or sincere, any signs that you make will likely align with your personalities and style, making them ideal for something to hold on to long after the reception’s over. Anything with quotes about love or your lives together will continue to be especially relevant throughout your married life!

4/ Lyrics

Image by Clipic Photography + Video

You’ll no doubt have a special place in your heart for your first dance song and other carefully chosen music selections. Keep these fresh in your memory by creating a beautifully presented version of the lyrics, perhaps highlighting some of the most meaningful parts. Frame on its own or combine with some of your favourite first dance wedding photos and you’ve got a sweet keepsake you’ll be hanging on your wall for years to come! 

5/ A toast

Image by Roots Of Life Photography

Of course, keeping the memory of your wedding day alive can encompass more than just visuals. A long-lasting way to hark back to the happy day is to buy multiple bottles of your wedding wine and keep them to drink at special occasions in the future. This is especially lovely as a ritual for future anniversaries. You may want to seal these in special boxes, or at least label them well, to ensure they’re not accidentally drunk at other times!

6/ Scent

Image by Merari Photography

Continuing the multi-sensory theme, smell is probably the most evocative of our senses. This makes it a great contender for bringing back vivid memories of your special day. Whether it’s a perfume you buy just for the wedding day, a scent that captures the aromas of your bouquet or the scented candles you installed as part of your reception décor, keep hold of the scent and bring it out whenever you want to be transported back to the flurry of wedding day excitement.

7/ Love letters

Image by Docuvitae

The ritual of writing and receiving love letters is filled with romance. When you’re overflowing with love and emotion on your wedding day (or in the days just before) why not commit your feelings to paper for posterity? Put down what’s going through your mind, feelings about your journey so far, and hopes for the future and ask your groom to do the same. How you go about making these last is up to you. You could write letters to be placed in a time capsule for a future date (perhaps 10 years from now) and ceremonially seal them in together with other trinkets or some wedding wine. If you have time, you could write a series of letters rather than just one. ‘Open when’ letters are a wonderful way to give each letter a focus and special purpose. Label each envelope with ‘open when’ and a suggested occasion (e.g. open when: you’re having a bad day, or open when: we’re far apart).