How to Create a Lush Botanical Wedding
By Lorna Urwin

28 November 2016

Awash with verdant greenery, a botanical wedding theme offers freshness, vitality and natural beauty in abundance. While this makes for a gorgeous standalone theme, botanicals are also incredibly flexible. Depending on which plants are chosen and how they’re used, they can blend seamlessly with themes as diverse as vintage, Mediterranean, rustic woodland or tropical. Whatever your style, here are some inspiring ideas for how to infuse some leafy, organic charm into your wedding! Cover image by Amy Fanton Photography

1/ Use green spaces

Images by Jessica Yale Photography and The Edges Wedding Photography

Find a venue with some stunning botanical elements and you’ll save a bunch on decorating with your own! Whether it’s a building decked in climbing ivy, a greenhouse full of foliage or a country garden or vineyard, a venue with plant life will immediately set the scene.

2/ Create focal points

lush botanical wedding

Images by Courtney Horwood and Brandon Kidd Photography

If you’re enchanted by the flowing and organic look of draped branches, leaves or vines, use them to enhance or accentuate particular features of your venue. Outdoor and indoor wedding arches often get this treatment, but you could just as easily decorate a doorway or chandeliers to achieve an equally charming look. If you’d rather create a focal point of your own, hang branches from a ceiling or wall to create a jaw-dropping standalone backdrop.

3/ Bring the outdoors in

lush botanical wedding

Images by Diana McGregor Photography and Hikari Photography

Of course, there’s no need to stop at accentuating only a few focal points! Immerse your wedding in the theme by bringing the lush beauty of the garden or rainforest indoors. Look for ways to transform and bring to life a space through the presence of plant-life. This might mean setting up displays full of multi-tiered greenery in pots, stringing garlands in the rafters or cascading greenery from the ceiling or other fixtures. 

4/ Bridal style

lush botanical wedding

Images by Austin Gros and Taylor and Porter

While greenery looks gorgeous complementing florals in your bouquet and beyond, there’s nothing to stop you turning the tables if you’d prefer to make leaves and fronds the main event! Replace a flower crown with a regal band of leaves, or play down the blooms and make your bouquet a celebration of leafy textures and tones instead.

5/ Table décor

lush botanical wedding

Images by Onelove Photography and Amy Fanton Photography

From table runners and centrepieces to chair decoration and place settings, there’s no shortage of opportunities to adorn your tables with all things green! Attach luxuriant bunches of leaves to the bride and groom’s chairs, artfully set up plants under bell jars, wreathe a runner around candles or place a delicate leaf or sprig with menus or napkins on your plates. 

6/ Food and drink

lush botanical wedding

Images by Rebecca Arthurs Photography and Diana Yen

For a multisensory experience, thread the botanical design into your food and drink too. Fill your menu with fresh and seasonal plant-based ingredients and get creative with garnishes like edible flowers. Let’s not forget the cake! Find your botanical style by adding simple or elaborate embellishments. This can be to the cake itself (as a motif, topper or tier decoration) or as a presentation feature (like a cake stand encircled with greenery).

7/ Extra touches

lush botanical wedding

Images by Jessica Lorren and Brandon Kidd Photography

Your creativity really is the limit when it comes to your wedding theme; don’t be afraid to find quirky or unexpected ways to mix in botanicals. Consider using leaves in place of paper for escort/place cards, menus or programmes. Add pressed leaves or flowers to your stationery suite or frame them for use as unique table number holders. Use a small potted plant instead of a ring box, or have miniature potted herbs as your favours. Naturally, the botanical theme doesn’t need to be restricted to real plants - use botanical illustrations for décor, or have guests write messages in a vintage botany book for a unique and instantly beautiful guest book!