How To Choose the Perfect Photographer in Three Simple Steps
By Esther Dawson

31 July 2015

Choosing your wedding photographer shouldn't be a choice based on who's the cheapest. It's a bit like falling in love. Anna Munro, as an experienced photographer herself, has worked out what are the most important things to remember when deciding who will photograph your big day. For perfect photos of your wedding, follow these three simple step to find the photographer who suits you best.

1.     Love the photography

Not all photographers are alike. Each professional photographer is an artist with a unique eye and a unique approach to their work. In order to find a photographer who will create images of your wedding day that you will love for a lifetime, you need to do your research. Look at as many websites as you can and carefully browse through the photos in each portfolio. When you come across an image that makes you look twice, you know you've found a solid lead. As you browse through wedding photography, take note of your reactions. What moves you? Is it the dresses, the table details, the look in the groom's eyes, the natural setting, the light, the cute flowergirl, the expressions? Then search for a photographer who loves the same things. My portfolio focuses on natural connections between couples and their family, laughter, tears, and all of the tiny moments of life in between. The couples that book me love the honesty of stolen moments rather than traditional, posed images. 

wedding photography

2.     Connect with the human

After you've fallen in love with their photos, it's important to make sure you connect with the person who took them. Most couples are nervous about having their photo taken, and want to look their best. To look your best you also need to feel your best.  The only way you can do that is if you're working with a photographer who will make you feel happy and relaxed on your wedding day. When you leave your initial consult ask yourself: did the photographer understand what I wanted? Did she/he put my worries at ease? Did she/he seem like someone I could be friends with in another setting? Your photographer will be with you for your whole wedding day, and while you don't need to be best buds, you do need to feel that you're in safe hands. Choosing someone who makes you feel anxious or annoyed even before wedding day is a recipe for disaster. It goes both ways too! I always do my best work with clients who trust me and feel like friends from the start.

wedding couple image

3.     Sort out the details

So you've found your dream photographer. You love the work, you love the person and you're guaranteed incredible photography for your wedding day. The last thing to work out is the nitty gritty business end. This should be sorted out towards the end rather than the beginning of your search for a photographer. Do you want an album or just digital files? Will the photographer be available to answer your questions before the wedding? Is the package a set number of hours or is there flexibility for an overrun schedule? Can you afford it?! Most photographers are excited to work with someone who loves their work and feels like a friend and are often willing to negotiate on the details. 

wedding photography