Golden Hour - The Best Time for Your Photoshoot!
By Esther Dawson

23 October 2015

Who doesn’t love the ‘golden hour’, especially on your wedding day? Now that’s hitting the jackpot! But it doesn’t have to be a rare surprise if you plan well, choose a great photographer, find the best locations close by, and live in the moment. In my experience, the tips below will help capture some pretty awesome images in beautiful light that will make you feel like you’re being wrapped up in your favourite woolly blanket with your best friend and a nice hot cuppa. The ‘golden hour’ is the last hour or so as the sun begins to set. What you’re left with is beautiful, warm, soft light – perfect for your wedding photos!

Tip 1: Timing is Everything 

Having your portraits taken in the beautiful light of the ‘golden hour’ all depends on how well you plan your day. If the sun sets around 6pm, you might want to consider starting your ceremony around 3pm. That way, after the ceremony, there is enough time for your guests to congratulate you and for group or family photos. By this time, two hours may have already passed, giving your photographer about 45 minutes to an hour to photograph all the fun stuff. If you follow this timeline, you’ll finish off with some gorgeous romantic golden-light portraits. 

golden hour photographs


Tip 2: Open Spaces are Key!

I’ve found that photographing couples in open spaces during the golden hour works the best and can produce some awesome images! Go for a drive to look for some locations that are close to your ceremony and reception venues. You’ll want to find some beautiful landscapes, country roads, or empty parks to really make the most of that golden light streaming through the trees and reflecting off your surroundings.

golden hour photoshoot


Tip 3: Choose a Great Photographer

Of course, your amazing photographer can help you with the timeline for your wedding day and help you choose great locations. If your photographer offers an engagement shoot as part of their package, then go for it! It’s a great time to practice being in front of the camera as well as taking photos during the perfect time – that ‘golden hour’. 

engagement photoshoot

Tip 4: Live in the Moment 

You can have the best location, the best light and the best photographer and still have bad photos if your heart's not in it. To live in the moment is to forget where you are, forget the camera and just enjoy each other’s company. With a lot of natural moments like laughing, smiling and hugs, you will create some timeless images to enjoy for a very long time. The light and location will only complement how amazing your love already looks.

golden hour wedding photos