The Next Big Theme: Geode-Inspired Weddings
By Lorna Urwin

13 October 2016

If you love natural and organic themes, geodes and crystals make for a strikingly modern and edgy choice. They perfectly capture the raw beauty of nature while radiating elegance thanks to their semi-precious status. Read on for some ideas for incorporating gorgeous geology-inspired features into your own wedding!

1/ Set the tone with your invites

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Images by Minted and Laura Kelly Photography

The invitation is the perfect opportunity to establish your theme. Mirroring the almost marble-like bands of agate creates some lovely border effects in a range of shades or can add drama to your envelope liner. If you’d prefer a more structured design, geometric renderings of crystal formations look clean and ultra modern.

Naturally, if you find a design you love for your invitations, you might want to maintain consistency and use the same or a similar version for your other paper goods, particularly your menu.

2/ Jewellery

Images by Dear Survivor and Anthropologie

Geodes and crystals come in all shapes, sizes and hues, making them very wearable no matter your jewellery taste. If your taste is for minimal, try dainty pale or white earrings or (if you have input into your engagement ring) a raw diamond stone for your ring. If you’d rather have a bolder look, look into bolder ring settings or bracelets and necklaces set with vibrant stones.

3/ Geode-inspired style

Image by Blush Wedding Photography and Taylor Lord Photography

The style options don’t end with jewellery. A simple dress can be elevated by geode details in a sash or belt, while a crystalline headpiece adds drama to your hair or veil look. Perhaps one of the most straightforward ways to bring in the theme is when it comes to your ring – simply use a hollow geode rock as a gorgeous readymade ring holder!

4/ Room decor

Images by Cassie Loree Photography, Lauren Scotti Photographer & Braedon Photography

The vivid colours and exquisite patterning of agate mean it’s perfect for eye-catching décor. String slices together into garlands to hang around the ceiling as a great alternative to bunting, or hang the garlands vertically to create a backdrop effect. Alternatively, incorporate statement artworks that echo banded agate patterns or that use geode or crystal imagery.

5/ Table décor

Images by Love is a Big Deal and Melissa Fuller Photography

This theme truly shines when it comes to table décor! There seems to be no end to their use, whether functional (geode-effect plates, candle holders, napkin rings) or purely decorative. Some particularly versatile options are to use small crystals, geodes or slices of agate to anchor or adorn a napkin, menu or place card. If agate is your preferred stone, its smooth exterior makes an ideal surface to write upon - use thin slices as place cards or larger chunks as table numbers. These look especially ornate with gold calligraphy!

If you’re happy to feature geodes for their beauty alone, an array of sizes, colours and shapes can easily be clustered together with greenery and candles for your centrepieces. They pair especially well with succulents, but can easily be used with other greenery or on their own. Try them under glass domes or in terrariums for a more formal look.

6/ Food & Cake

Images by Alison Faulkner and Taylor Lord Photography

Rock candy is a dead ringer for natural crystals, which makes it ideal for creating on-theme and completely edible confections for your guests. There are plenty of different uses – whether on a stick as a cocktail stirrer, sprinkled as a topping on cupcakes or doughnuts, or even as a device to make your wedding cake look like a stunningly realistic geode! (See our list of modern cake ideas for an example of this in action.)

You can always add real geodes or crystals to embellish to a plainer cake as pure decoration. They work equally well as a cake topper or as pretty detailing around different tiers. If neither of these appeals to you, you can always recreate the look of precious stones with a painted-on marbled or banded effect.