Say Goodbye to These 10 Trends from 2015
By Felicity Newburry

13 January 2016

“Out with the old and in with new!” The amount of New Years sayings we could quote is endless, and all very true when it comes to this year’s trends. Several days ago, the clock struck 12, chiming the arrival of January 1st and our lives continued their journey into another new year. But the hour of twelve was a significant moment for the wedding industry as well – in that moment, it picked up its white silk hem and waved goodbye to many trends held tightly across the last five years. Read on to say your own farewells to these 10 trends we left back in 2015.

1. Adiós to the White Gloves!

After making a brief comeback in 2014 and tentatively hanging around in 2015, white gloves waved goodbye this year as brides become increasingly interested in practical and comfortable wedding attire. In 2016, brides won’t be calling upon easily-marked finger sleeves to add a touch of elegance.

2. Arrivederci to Tassels!

We all loved The Great Gatsby when it came out in 2013. With it came tassels and party fringes on wedding dresses – we relished this reintroduction of art deco flair! But three years on we decided to, once again, leave the 1920’s in the past and it looks like we’ll be going even further back in time for inspiration in this new year!

1920's wedding style

3. Ciao to Ombré!

We first saw ombré in 2011 and it quickly transcended clothing and became a nail, hair and even tattoo trend! But at the beginning of this year, ombré table runners and petal-sprinkled aisles left the building when the clock struck 12.

4. Au Revior to Flash Mobs!

Flash mobs started filling our News Feed in 2010, making us giggle and tap our toes. Then wedding flash mobs started popping up everywhere in 2012. Though they held steam for a while, in 2015, wedding flash mobs were hardly seen. In the New Year, this choreographed gift from the wedding party to the guests made its quiet exit. In 2016, Flash mobs just aren’t a trend anymore. Although, if you still want to do them at your wedding… we won’t say no.

ombre wedding

5. Sayonara to Bohemian Brides!

When it officially ticked over to January 1st, 2016 bohemian bridal fashion was left standing on the other side of the invisible line that marks past and present. Shocking, we know! In 2015, bohemian wedding dresses were not seen on the runways introducing the bridal trends for 2016 and its likely that we will see less and less brides sporting them at weddings to come. They’ve been replaced, but their replacements are way too exciting to be miffed about!

6. Shalom to Glamour!

Latching on to the tail end of our 1920’s fascination came a brief visitation of 30’s and 40’s glamour. We saw bridesmaids and brides dressed head to toe in sensational sparkles and Swarovski crystal embroidery! There were bursts of gold and silver to be seen in all corners, but with the 2016 trend projection steering us all toward a year in the elegance of the Victorian era, we are forced to say our goodbyes to our short-lived friend, the glamour period.

bohemian bride

7. Totseins to Contouring!

Contouring was really big in 2015. After makeup artists took over social media, showing us how to “Kim Kardashian”, brides couldn’t wait to sport a perfectly contoured look on their own wedding days. But in 2016, contouring will be no more as we all do a 180 and head back to the days where polished, natural beauty was the ideal. We can’t really complain, fresh and natural is where it’s at!

8. Auf Wiedersehen to Candy Buffets!

For the last two years, we couldn’t get enough of the candy buffet. It took over the job of wedding favors or desert tables and we loved the cute convenience! Renditions of this idea were seen all over Pinterest, in styles from rustic chic to complete opulence. But at New Years, our beloved buffets were left in the dust of 2016’s dessert trucks. Mr. Whippy, anybody?

candy buffets

9. Adeus to the Solo First Dance!

Engaged introverts all around will be stoked to hear that those mandatory 4 minutes of shuffling across a dance floor while guests watch on, are a thing of the past. Couples opting for more casual affairs or dancing with the whole wedding party slowly gained speed throughout 2015 and in 2016, these arrangements will reign. It looks like fun!

10. Vale to Sit-Down Dinners!

Buffet dinners, where guests can pick and choose what they want to eat have been slowly making their way through the ranks over the last few years. By the end of 2015, sit-down dinners were all but completely shoved aside by their casual counterpart, the buffet spread. In 2016, it is likely that the traditional sit-down dinner will be a complete anomaly. More potato salad for everyone! 

first dance