7 Essential Questions for Your Wedding Photographer
By Esther Dawson

07 August 2015

You love the photos, you love the photographer, and you’re just about to sign the contract… But wait! Have you asked all the right questions? Do you know exactly what you’re getting into? There are a few essential questions to ask your photographer BEFORE signing the contract and Anna from Anna Munro Photography has made a list of 7 of these questions below. For peace of mind and photos of your wedding day that you will cherish forever, make sure you ask your photographer the following things.

1. Will you be at the rehearsal?

The rehearsal is a great chance for your photographer to fully prepare for the most fast-paced part of the day, the ceremony. For me, coming to the rehearsal also gives me a chance to add my two cents from a photography standpoint - advice about where to stand for the best light and when to enter so I can get a clear shot of you coming down the aisle.  

2. Can I see a whole wedding?

Websites and blogs only show a tiny portion of the full collection of images you will receive from your wedding. Ask your photographer to show you a full set of images from their most challenging wedding of the last season. Take note of how many images are in the set, how many are of the guests, how many images you love, and how many don’t excited you. Looking at someone else's wedding photos is always going to lack the personal connection that will be present in your photos, but its good to know whether your photographer is creating a lot of fluff and a few gems, or too many gems to share.

wedding makeup image

3. Have you photographed at my venue before?

While it’s great to shoot at a familiar venue, as an artist, it’s creatively uninspiring to repeat the same thing over and again. I am always extremely excited to shoot at a new venue and after thoroughly scouting and planning the new location, often my best work is of my first wedding at a new venue. Make sure that your photographer feels the same and will spend time beforehand scouting out the venue and planning their shoot.

4. How will you make us feel relaxed ?

I'm never too sure how to answer this one. I think it comes down to matching your natural charisma – if you're a person who loves enthusiastic extroverted types, then choose a photographer who is enthusiastic and extroverted. If you're an introverted person, try looking for a photographer who is more reserved but confident in their work. A good friendly working relationship and full trust in the skills and expertise of your professional photographer is essential.

wedding couple

5. What inspires you about wedding photography?

A photographer is a creative person, creativity comes out of inspiration, so you need to make sure your photographer is still fired up about their job and loves the same things you do. If someone asked me this question, I'd tell them I love seeing people who clearly adore each other, I love being able to sneak around and capture those little glimpses of two people in love, or the tears of a proud father, or the admiration in a sister’s face when she sees the bride in her dress. It’s those little moments of humanity that inspire me.

6. How much time do we need for photos?

An experienced photographer should be able to guide you through the perfect wedding timeline. Some photographers work more quickly than others and the locations you want to cover during your creative portraits need to be factored in. For me, anything more than 60-90 minutes is eating into party time.

7. How much Photoshop is involved?

This varies from photographer to photographer and depends on their style. Every image should be processed for colour, exposure and contrast, and some images may be more creatively edited. If you're asking whether spots or wrinkles will be digitally amended, that is something you should specifically mention.

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