Trend Alert: Coloured Wedding Gowns!
By Felicity Newburry

26 November 2015

We live in a time of high fashion and pushing boundaries. Left, right and centre, the ordinary bride is taking the plunge by shaking up conventions. For example, the floaty, bohemian dress of 2015 was a bold move for many brides, coming so soon after the form fitting, structured looks of 2013 and the bodices and full skirts of 2014. And 2016 is set to look even more exciting on the bridal fashion front…

Image by Patina Photography

This wedding season, brides have been dipping their toes into an even bigger fashion statement – the coloured wedding dress. The white dress has been around for almost two centuries, first debuted by Queen Victoria in her own wedding. However, designers across the world are letting go of the traditional and restricting wedding dress pallet and instead, trying a splash of colour. This article features some beautiful photography by our vendors of brides rocking coloured gowns, as well as some tips and ideas for those of you thinking of taking the plunge!

coloured wedding gowns

Image by Billie Brook Photography 

1.     Beautiful beige & breathtaking blush

If you feel most comfortable taking baby steps, then a beige or a blush-coloured gown is the next step up from cream and ivory wedding dresses. Beige and blush dresses often look best constructed of soft fabrics and add a whimsical look to your whole ensemble. Dresses in this colour are gentle on your skin tone. Given the right shade (one lighter or darker than your own skin) anyone can wear a beige or blush dress!

coloured wedding gowns

coloured wedding gowns

Image by Tim Kelly Photography

2.     Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring!

We all fit somewhat into the 4 colour pallets that relate to each of the seasons, but despite the wedding trend of the last two centuries, white isn’t said to suit any of us! The great thing about embracing coloured wedding gowns is that you can choose a dress in a colour that really makes the most of your hair, your eyes and your skin tone! Look up seasonal colour guides to find the right pallet for you.

coloured wedding gowns

coloured wedding gowns

Image by Tim Kelly Photography

3.     Patterns, patterns, everywhere!

Adding to the experimentation of the coloured dress, you are also able to play a lot more with patterns and detail this season. Because brides are no longer restricted to white pearl and crystal accents on your dress, you can look around for other things that flatter and intrigue you! Perhaps you love panels in dresses or maybe there is a special fabric you’d love to include. Watercolor patterns on wedding gowns are going to be huge in 2016, so just remember - the options are endless!

coloured wedding dresses

Image by Patina Photography


Billie has the talent to create stylized and striking images out of natural, unguarded moments. She has travelled nationally and internationally to create these images for couples and is known for her ability to connect with and bring out the very best of her clients.


Nadine and Tim of Tim Kelly Photography make it their aim to capture the individuality and uniqueness of every wedding and every couple. They have travelled far and wide to take breath-taking images of the hidden and natural moments between couples and loved ones on their big day.


Patina Photography is the name husband and wife, Michelle and James, go by in the wedding photography world. They approach their work as a united front, sharing the vision to create beautiful images that not only capture raw and wonderful moments, but tell also story. 

coloured wedding dress

Image by Billie Brook Photography