How to Look Your Very Best in Your Wedding Photos
By Esther Dawson

02 February 2016

It’s time to stop thinking about the venue, the canapés, and the weather. It’s time to think about YOU! To ensure that you’re the glowing bride you’re meant to be on your wedding day, there are a few things you should start thinking about right now. Here are the only 7 tips you’ll need to remember in order to look your best in your photos, put together by the talented team at Penny Rose Styling. So sit down, grab a cuppa and get reading!

Image by Mary Sylvia Photography

Get your skin looking lovely

Having your skin look its best on your big day can be challenging, but the following tips should all help. Start with the basics – eat a lot of leafy greens and fresh, clean produce. Cleanse, tone, moisturise. Exfoliate gently a little more than usual. Drink loads of water, avoid curries in the lead up and also indulge yourself and get a relaxing hydrating facial, if you can! 

Hire a professional Makeup and Hair Stylist

Hire someone who is professional and knows what they are doing. They will know what shades and colours bring out your eyes and tie in with your chosen colour theme. They will know how to shape and fill your brows to accentuate the beautiful shape of your face and jaw. They will know how to make your eyes pop and how to camouflage any blemishes you don't want showing on your face or your body. They will have products that last and products that look amazing on camera. If you like their work, listen to their advice.

bridal beauty

Image by Mary Sylvia Photography

Book a Makeup and Hair Trial

Have a trial. Book it when you have an evening at home to relax and do things like try on your dress and veil. And invite a friend around for her opinion! Take some selfies afterwards and enjoy the process.

Don't be afraid of some colour on your cheeks and lips

Your cheeks and lips deserve a bit of colour in their life! Don't be shy, take advice from your stylist. But also be true to yourself. Colour looks great on camera but make sure you will feel comfortable in front of everyone. There is a balance and your makeup artist will be happy to help you achieve this.

hair and makeup

Image by Mary Sylvia Photography

Carry a touch-up kit

Every good makeup artist supplies their client with a lipstick touch up kit; however, you can take this to the next level by carrying a blotting/mattifying powder, such as MAC Blotting Powder with a brush to keep your t-zone under control (especially if you have hot weather on your wedding day). Also, carry a little bit of concealer and some cotton tips in case you get any fall-down under your eyes.

Don't forget your body

Too often I have clients that forget to take their straps down over summer while they are running around in the sun or bathing in it (tut, tut). This can result in mismatching tan lines, which can be hard to fix with perfection. If you are having dramatic problems with this, consider a spray tan and focus on "evening out" your skin tones. Also remember to exfoliate your body and moisturise. 

Get your nails done

Treat yourself and get your nails done professionally; they will look beautiful with your ring in the photos and you will feel like a million dollars! Consider getting something special done to your ring-finger – a line of mini rhinestones or a sprinkle of glitter would look gorgeous. Make an evening of it and take the girls!

bridal hair and makeup

Image by Candy Capco Photography