4 Wonderful Winter Wedding DIY Ideas!
By Felicity Newburry

03 June 2016

With winter on its way, we think its time to get inspired with wonderful, wintery, wedding ideas! Winter means a lot of time indoors, keeping warm by the fire and enjoying each others company, so what better way to pass time before your winter wedding than to do some of your own wedding DIY? We’ve put together a list of ten, totally doable and “winterific” ideas to inspire you to get doing it yourself!

Whimsical Snow Globes

All you need for this is jam jars, pine tree clippings and a mix of glitter and sugar. So plan a trip to the park, keep all your jars and visit a craft store for glitter and a supermarket for white sugar – the coarser the better!


  •   Using the lid as the base of your snow globe, hot-glue your pine tree clipping to it so it stands up like a little tree. You could decorate your base with little stones, crystals or anything else you fancy.


  •  Spoon in your mix of glitter and sugar into the jar – the amount of which is up to you! But you don’t want so much that it drowns your little tree. One your base is solidly glued and ready to go, run some superglue around the screw lines on the jar and gently, but hastily put the lid, serving as your little snow scape back on the jar. Be careful not to bend your tree!

And Finally:

  •   Tip your jar up the right way and voila! A hand made snow globe that will make wonderful little centrepieces! You could also make these place markers or favors for your guests, by handwriting little tags and tying them around the lid/base of the jar.

DIY Rosmary condiments

Take-Home Delicacies

One of the most delicious flavours of winter is Rosemary and we have a fantastic idea for you… Making little rosemary sugar or salt jars for your guests! First you have to decide if you want to gift them with a sweet or a savoury treat before we move on to how to make this little delicacy. You can double or half the recipe as required and you will need as many little glass vials with stoppers as you have guests. These can be found at craft stores such as Spotlight.

For Rosemary Salt:

  • Spread 500 grams of salt (preferably sea salt!) onto a baking tray with five sprigs of rosemary and put into the oven at just 100 degrees Celsius. Bake for 30 minutes or until the rosemary crumbles when you touch it. Take out and leave to cool. You may need to do several trays for this.
  •  Once the rosemary has cooled, placed both the salt and the rosemary in a blender. Blend until the rosemary has broken up into fairly even pieces.
  • Spoon into your little vials and then tie some handmade tags around the top.

For Rosemary Sugar:

  •  Place five roughly chopped sprigs of rosemary in the bottom of a large container. You want the sprigs to be small enough to disperse throughout the sugar but large enough to pick back out again.
  • Pour 500 grams of sugar on top (raw, organic sugar is best and looks great in the final product!). Depending on the number of guests you may need to double or even triple this recipe and use more than one large container.
  • Shake well and leave to stand for 24 hours. After 24 hours, shake very thoroughly and leave for at least 3 to 7 days. The longer the better
  • After waiting period is over, remove the rosemary from the sugar and spoon into your little vials. Finally, tie some handmade tags around the top.

These unique, delicious and very fragrant treats can be used in baking (sugar) or as seasoning (salt)!

Fragrant Name Cards

Again, this is a DIY craft using wonderful, wintery rosemary, so it would be great if you grow it in your garden! For this you will need plenty of card, pretty pens, scissors, a craft knife, a light pencil, a ruler and several sprigs of rosemary, depending on how many cards you will make.


  • Using your light pencil and ruler, measure up on your pieces of card the size you want your escort cards. Using your pretty pens, handwrite the names of your guest and their tables number on the top half of the card.


  • Make two small cuts on the lower half of the card using your craft knife. You want these to be at least a centimetre in from the edge.
  • From your sprigs of rosemary, cut off single pieces with stems a little longer than the distance between your two small cuts on the card.


  • Slot your small, individual sprig of rosemary into the first cut, pull it through and push back through the second cut so the tail end is visible on the front of the card. 

You can add to this by using scrapbooking stickers or drawing designs on the cards, but what you end with is a fantastic and simple name card.

Pretty Pinecone Garlands

A wonderful way to contribute to your altar or hall décor is to make some garlands yourself! For this you will need plenty of large pinecones, a roll of sturdy twine, moss covered wire and some scissors. Your twine and wire can be found at a hardware store.  


  • Measure out how long you need your garland to be and cut some twine accordingly. Knot the ends.


  • Wrap some wire snugly around each cone, underneath its top fronds. Leave a length of wire tidily standing up before cutting the cone fee. 


  • At measured intervals, attach the cones to the twine by twisting the wire around it, securing it in place.

To make this more decorative, you could tie ribbons around the attachment point of each cone, or perhaps even paint the cones with cold leaf or glitter. 

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