How to Capture Every Moment of Your Wedding Day
By Luke Ellery

06 June 2016

Everyone wants a piece of the bride's time on her wedding day, so it's easy, amidst the chaos, to miss the glow on the flowers, or the expression on your father's face as your husband sees you for the first time. Those are the little magic moments that a photographer can capture while you’re busy being fabulous. Booking a photographer needs to be a priority when planning your wedding day! Here are 5 tips that will help you decide what’s important when it comes to wedding photography.

1/ Meet with your photographer over coffee – more than once

Your photographer can act as a fantastic sounding board for you as you proceed through your wedding plans. The more they know about how you see the day panning out, the better equipped they will be to ensure everything you want to be captured, will be. Tell them about your family, your guests. Tell them what personality combinations there are likely to be on the day e.g. “Aunt Martha is a hard-case, Uncle Arthur is very shy but has a sweet smile, and little Sophie - the flower girl - she’s a performer and one to watch!”

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2/ Have an engagement photo-shoot  

This is a great opportunity for your photographer to get to know you and your partner before the big day. It’s a more relaxed environment and you don't have an audience, so you       can be yourself, be in love. Don't be afraid to talk with your photographer: share your fears, aspirations and the love you have for each other.

3/ Organise for your photographer to Scout the location in advance

From this, they can identify the hero shots and perhaps discover some little gem no one else has thought about! This will give them an idea of the lighting of the space, so they can plan! It is even better if they can go to the location at roughly the same time as your wedding would be taking place, then there should be no surprises on the day! 

Wedding, Mother, Flower girl

4/ Write a key shot list guide for your photographer

This will help ensure that all the details are covered on the day. Sometimes it can be difficult to stick to this 100%, but at least it gets you and your partner thinking of all the contingencies, so that you don't miss anyone out (like someone who may have come from overseas especially for the occasion!) Some ideas for this can be:  

  • Boys helping groom with cufflinks and boutonniere.
  • Back of dress shot.
  • Bride's & Groom's accessories (you will definitely want to remember these!)
  • Father and daughter - emotion before he gives her away.
  • Mother and Son - Before he goes off to see his bride.
  • Grandmother, mother, and daughter - generation shot.

5/ Don’t forget it’s YOUR special day

Remember to have fun and enjoy your day. There is only so much that is within your control. When the time comes, just let the pros do their thing and trust that your day will be perfect. Photographers are trained to deal with all contingencies: they are very capable problem-solvers, diplomats, and entertainers. So you can just sit back… and smile! 

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