9 Special Ways to Ask Your Maid of Honour!
By Felicity Newburry

10 May 2016

Being someone’s Maid of Honour is a big job. With tasks such as attending fittings, dealing with troublesome details and trying to keep the bride sane, it’s no wonder the role requires a lot of time and energy! We think that Maids of Honour deserve more than just a round of applause when their job is done; they deserve a wonderful introduction to role! Read on for 7 different and creative ways to ask your Maid of Honour to be your wing-woman in a way that will show her just how special she really is!

1. A Marvelous Monogram!

Monogramming is a fantastic way to personalize something your Maid of Honour will use time and time again after your wedding, each time remembering the special time the two of you had together! Consider monogramming a jewelry box, a mug or wine glass with a proposal that your friend will find funny or sweet, such as: “Let’s just pretend that you’re super surprised I’m asking you to be my Maid of Honour.”

2. A Gorgeous Gift Basket!

Another wonderful way to ask your right hand lady is to make up a gift basket especially for her. Put in her favorite bottle of wine and candy. Include things that are significant to the two of you – perhaps a certain kind of chocolate. This is a really sweet way to show you put thought into how you were going to ask her!

3. A Perfect Proposal!

How about actually proposing! Something really sweet to do would be to give her a ring when you ask her to be your Maid of Honour. Maybe it is one that matches a ring of yours, so not only is it a proposal gift, but a friendship ring! This is both a funny, cute and memorable way to ask your girl to take on this big role.

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4. Beautiful Balloons!

Who doesn’t love balloons? Consider going to your florist and getting them to make up a balloon bouquet especially for your wing-woman! You could get them printed with a quirky proposal question, such as “I promise – no ugly dress if you say yes! Be my Maid of Honour?”

5. A Fabulous Photo!

Something both sweet and super simple is to create a photo-edit to email or print out and frame for your best lady. Find an image of the two of you that is really funny or beautiful and some text with a question such as, “Julie, if I solemnly swear to keep meltdowns to a minimum, no bows on butts and a steady flow of wine, will you be my Maid of Honour?”

6. A DIY Idea!

A really funky keepsake would be to gift your friend with a little fairy jar pendant that has your rolled up proposal inside! It makes for both a trendy accessory for your girl to hold onto and will always be a one-of-a-kind. How cute is that!

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Image from The Knot

7. Put It In Icing!

This is quite literally one of the sweetest ideas you could do: write your proposal to your best lady in icing! What better way to surprise her than to present her with a delicious and delightful cake, asking her to be your right hand woman on one of the biggest days of your life? Delicious!

8. Pop the Piñata!

What if at your engagement party, you set up a piñata especially for your Maid of Honor where upon bursting it, she will find your special proposal! It’s a fun way to show her you’re proud to call her your Maid of Honour!

9. Kind and Creative!

Maybe you’re handy with a paintbrush or you’re pretty darn good with an embroidery needle – utilize this! A very personal way to ask your friend to be your Maid of Honour is to create a piece of art for her to treasure. Nothing will show your appreciation like spending your time on designing something especially for her. Perhaps you could make her a cross stitch, a painting, a sketch or you could embroider a handkerchief with your proposal on it. Get creative!

The great thing about all of these options is that they are things you can get up out of your chair and start organising right now! Have fun and have a wonderful time proposing to your best lady! 

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Image by Fineline Photography