8 Adventurous but Tasty Wedding Cake Alternatives
By Brieonie Jenkins

19 November 2015

The traditional multi-tiered wedding cake is a classic that will probably never go out of style. In fact, so ubiquitous is the wedding cake that many couples don’t even think to serve anything else. But why not choose something a little different? After all, every other aspect of the day has been customised to suit your personal style. So if you’re keen to try something new, take a look at these fun and trendy alternatives to serve instead!

Go Nuts for Doughnuts!

Fast becoming the dessert of the moment, these sweet treats are right on trend. Dress them up with fancy fillings and colour coordinated icing or keep them low key with just a simple dusting of cinnamon and sugar. Doughnuts are easy to stack for a unique alternative to the traditional tiered cake.

Bite Sized Treats

Perfect for a cocktail style reception, cake pops not only look absolutely adorable but they’re extremely functional as well. Not only are they easy for wait staff to serve (no plates or forks required!), they are also the prefect way for guests to get their cake fix. The icing can also be easily matched to suit your colour scheme.

alternative wedding cakes

Cheese ‘Cake’

For some people, the best part of a meal is the cheese board! Skip the sweet dessert and serve your guests a selection of your favourite cheeses. Stacking your cheese wheels is a cheeky tribute to the traditional cake. Make sure you have yummy accompaniments on hand like chutneys, fruit pastes, figs, grapes or even smoked salmon. And don’t forget plenty of crackers!

French Flair!

Yummy fluffy choux pastry mouthfuls, filled with flavoured cream or custard – divine! The croquembouche (pronounced ‘croke-em-boosh’) is the traditional choice for French couples. Wrapped in pretty spun sugar, drizzled in caramel or decadent chocolate, the tall cone shaped masterpiece is a delicious and impressive addition to your dessert table.  

wedding cake alternatives

Home Comforts

Add a relaxed homey feel to your reception by serving homemade cookies! They’re perfect for a casual wedding, and are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Serve a few different flavours and leave boxes nearby so guests can take a treat home. Spread the load by asking your friends to bake their favourite flavour or order the lot from a local bakery (we won’t tell!).

A Different Take on Fruit Cake

Everyone loves strawberries, especially in the middle of summer when they’re at their juicy best! Gluten free, nut free, dairy free, vegan – could this fruit ‘cake’ be the biggest crowd pleaser of all? Arrange them on a tiered cake stand to add height to the dessert table. And don’t forget the chocolate dipping sauce!

wedding cakes

Marvellous Macarons

Another French favourite, classy and dainty; a macaroon tower is perfect for the refined reception. These mini morsels come in such an incredible array of flavours and colours you’ll be spoilt for choice! Pick classics like vanilla and raspberry or play around to come up with a flavour combination that’s uniquely you! Lavender honey or popcorn salted caramel anyone?

Who Ate All the Pies?

Pies are an unexpected, but appreciated wedding cake alternative! Sweet pies are a little more uncommon in New Zealand making them a real treat for your guests. With yummy options like apple, chocolate cream and custard, it’s easy to please everyone if you serve a selection. Serve with lashings of whipped cream!