8 Fabulous Ways to Keep Warm at Your Wedding
By Raashka Mannie

30 September 2019

Staying warm and looking drop dead gorgeous don't have to be mutually exclusive.

If you're planning a winter or spring wedding, and or simply getting married in New Zealand (where there are four seasons in one day), you've got to have a rock solid plan for keeping toasty through it all. However, being warm doesn't necessarily mean hankering down with a pile of blankets and sitting atop a heater. There are tons of ways to keep cosy and look your best, trust us. With the help of Patina Photography, we've got 8 ways to make the best of a wintry wedding, come rain or shine.

We've got rock 'n' roll leather jackets, cute boots, luxurious fur coats (faux, of course), and secret thermal leggings to chase away the chill. Brides and grooms, never fear. You'll always be warm with these nifty ideas in your fleece-lined pockets.


Image by Patina Photography

1/ Scarves Galore

For a light and chilly breeze with a nip here and there, what better option than a scarf? They're light, they're easy to carry around, there are exactly one billion options to choose from (give or take), and they're made for keeping you warm. Scarves are flexible and elegant additions to a wedding outfit, able to serve as a makeshift wrap when you're chilly and thrown over the back of your chair when you're lighting up the dancefloor.

Lynn chose a large, textured scarf in soft pink with tassels. It doubled as a wrap when things got cooler, bundling her up nicely, and blended effortlessly into her gown whilst giving her a distinctly cosy air.

Image by Patina Photography

2/ Faux Fur

Faux fur is all the rage! Fluffy, pretty and harmless to cute critters, faux fur comes in any number of forms: shawls, throws, jackets, vests and so much more. You can find durable, heavier faux fur pieces to match your outfit, or lighter, simpler ones if you're not going to be snowed down. It adds a snugness like none other, which makes for great photo ops.

Nicole paired this snuggly champagne faux fur jacket with her wedding dress, tying the look together with matching boots. The texture popped during photography, making her look decidedly cosy against the snowy backdrop. We can only hope to be as warm as Nicole is.

Image by Patina Photography

3/ Leather Jackets

Add a little edge to your wedding with a leather jacket. Not only do they amp up the warmth, but they also work on keeping you dry. You can pair your leather jacket with accents that really represent who you are, whether it means a pair of Chelsea boots or matching the hardware on the jacket to your the rest of your jewellery.

You can even mix it up by making your leather jacket a couple's item! Jing and Josh both wore matching leather jackets to keep warm for their winter wedding. Jing also matched her lipstick to the reds in Josh’s floral tie for an extra pop of colour. It's the little details that go a long way when tying together a look.

Image by Patina Photography

4/ Keep it Long

There's something to be said for long sleeves and high necks. There's that sense of elegance that comes with them, along with a quiet formality, which can be ideal if that's the vibe you're after. On top of that, long sleeves and high necks will keep you warm. We've all got a favourite turtleneck or pair of pants that we wear non-stop during winter. Why not emulate this on your wedding day? You'll be warm and look stunning.

As an added bonus, if you get flushed easily (whether you're drinking or you're simply a shy kinda person), high necks can help to hide this.

Image by Patina Photography

5/ Denim Jackets

For a softer feel, but stylish in its own way, a denim jacket can be popped on. Not only does it immediately relax any outfit its added to, but it gives you an extra bit of warmth. Coupled with sneakers, boots or some fancy embroidery, denim jackets can be the perfect accent to your wedding.

Much like a leather jacket, denim ones can be repurposed into a couple's item. Some couples even choose to have them custom-made, with hand-sewn details about their big day. Denim makes things casual in the best way, dressing down a gown after the ceremony and keeping you comfy for the rest of the day.

Image by Patina Photography

6/ Boot-scooting

Line dancing aside, you've got to be able to move freely at your wedding. You want to be comfortable and warm whilst looking like you've stepped off the pages of a wedding magazine. For this, we present the solution of boots. Paired with some thermal socks, boots can be just as fashionable as they are practical.

Sue has opted for a pair of cute (and functional) Timberland boots with thermal socks tucked away inside. Not only do they match her dress, but they keep her feet toasty, too! Her partner, Paul, chose to match Sue's wisdom with a pair of his own Timberlands. A couple that boots together, stays together.

Image by Patina Photography

7/ Hidden Leggings

Like the calorie content of a light and delicious raspberry macaron, leggings can be hidden from plain sight all wedding long. If you're prone to feeling the chill or going to be in snowy parts for your big day, hidden thermals are the main key to keeping warm.

However, this means you'll have to have a longer dress (or pants) to hide those thermal leggings from sight. With a flowy, lengthy skirt or a pair of tailored pants, you can be sure you won't be left shivering through your wedding and no one will be any the wiser as to why.

Image by Patina Photography

8/ Wrap Around Cardi

Almost as good as a hug from your partner, a wrap around cardigan provides a warming option that can melt seamlessly into your wedding look. Whether you're in a suit, dress or anything else, you can find a cardigan to match it just right.

Alyssia paired this gorgeous woolen cardigan with her wedding dress. The cropped length, tight fit and texture meant it complemented her outfit perfectly, all whilst keeping her nice and warm. There's little more to ask from a cardigan, now, is there?


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