8 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
By Felicity Newburry

21 September 2015

Although weddings are a wonderful and special occasion, they can be a rather pricey event. Food, flowers, attire, and venue costs can cause your estimated wedding expenses to sky rocket… and these are only a few of the highly priced items to consider! It’s no wonder that many couples are looking for clever ways to penny pinch when it comes to their big day. If you’re one of these couples, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of clever ways to enhance your wedding and reduce the cost.

Image by Suer Nelson Wren Photography

1.     Save the Date

Planning for a long engagement is an excellent way to give you and your fiancé time to save your dollars and build a significant budget to play around with! An engagement period of a year to two years is ideal. This will also ease some of the pressure off wedding planning as you will have plenty of time to go about getting everything sorted. A longer engagement period also means that you have time to book venues and photographers high in demand.

2.     Steeply Priced Saturdays

It is a little-known but budget-saving fact that any day of the week is guaranteed to be cheaper than a Saturday wedding. It is possible to save as much as 15% off the venue hire fee just by switching your Saturday wedding to a Sunday!

wedding flowers

3.     Thrifty Venue

When searching for a venue, consider choosing one that doesn’t require you to the venue’s set vendors. Many venues have a specified caterer or DJ that can add some whopping bills onto your wedding expenses. Choosing a venue that doesn’t require you to use their professionals, will allow you to find your own caterers, bar tenders, and musicians. If you do this, you’ll be able to save money and also scout out the wedding vendors that you really want.

4.     Budget-Friendly Flowers

Consider doing your own bouquets – this is absolutely possible and not all that difficult. Recruit some friends or family members to help you raid your grandmother’s garden or shop at the early-morning flower market. Together you can create some unique, beautiful, and fresh floral arrangements for your wedding! This will work out much cheaper than paying a professional florist to source your blooms and create your arrangements. It will also be a fun activity for you and your girls to do the night before your wedding!

wedding catering

Image from Best Impressions Catering

5.     Skip the Set Menu

Set menus can be quite costly because you are required to pay a set price for each individual guest. If you have a large number of guests to your wedding, it is far better to go for a buffet menu. This means the guests can not only select what they like and leave what they don’t, but also a price can be negotiated between you and the caterer that may save you a few pennies. Alternatively, you could choose to forgo a sit down meal and opt for an evening of circulating hors d’oeuvres instead, lending a classy “cocktail party” feel to your reception while saving you a lot of money.

6.     Reworking the Wedding Cake

If you want a large, tiered cake, it is unlikely that the whole cake will be eaten by your guests, wasting both the delicious cake and a large portion of your budget. A thrifty idea that is becoming increasingly common is to fake the bottom 2-3 tiers by icing cardboard or tin boxes to match the top 1-2 tiers of real, iced cake. Better yet, you could choose to do away with the traditional wedding cake all together and create something fun and different, such as a cookie or candy bar! This will work out a lot cheaper and add a fun element that your guests are sure to remember.

wedding favours

7.     Fabulously Frugal Wedding Favours

There are a number of things you can do to save money on your wedding favours. You could make your favours double up as escort cards or you could make the favours yourself by sourcing your own inexpensive materials. Why don’t you ask a close friend to bake cookies or treats for your favours rather than buy them from an expensive bakery or caterer. The options are endless and if you’re into DIY projects, this tip is perfect for you!

8.     DJ on the Dance Floor

Consider skipping a professional DJ. While live music is a must for some couples, others might be completely happy to compile their own wedding playlist. Just plug laptop or phone into a decent speaker system and there you have it – hours of fun on the dance floor! Hundreds of dollars will be saved and your guests can take turns choosing the next song.