8 Creative "Guest Book" Alternatives!
By Felicity Newburry

04 August 2016

Allowing the guests to leave an imprint on your big day, such as in a guest book, is a staple in most Western weddings. However, for those of you who feel the whole “sign your name on the dotted line” thing is a bit tired, look no further! We have compiled the top eight sweetest, most heartwarming and even amusing ideas to substitute the old guest book.

A stroll down memory lane

This alternative involves providing guests with pens and cards printed with the provocation “I’ll never forget the time…” or “Remember when…” It is a great way for guests to connect to the two of you in some personal way on the big day as, often, the happy couple are too busy to spare anyone more than five minutes! It’s also a wonderful way for you and a loved one to stroll down memory lane together, as you’ll read their note later on - you could even give them a call to say thanks and reminisce together! 

photobooth, polaroid

Photo booth guest book

This fantastic alternative requires that you either hire a photo booth or have a polaroid camera handy for guests to snap away! Provide instructions that guests take photos together and then glue them into a book you’ve provided. Imagine how great it will be flipping through this a few days then a few decades later! For extra fun, you could provide basic costumes like silly hats and moustaches.

fabric, message, patchwork

Let your guests keep you warm

Imagine if your guests could have a hand in making something for you, perhaps even an heirloom! This idea involves providing precut squares of patchwork fabric and fabric pens (black is probably best as it will show up on most fabric patterns). Encourage your guests to sign a square or even pen you a little note and explain that each square will become part of your special wedding quilt! This is an especially sweet idea if you are a sewer, though you can easily organize someone else to sew for you.

Honeymoon playlist

Provide a large paper list or a book for guests to sign, along with their personal favourite song. Explain that it will be the track of your honeymoon and it’s bound to get guests thinking! You may find yourself tearing up, rocking out or in fits of laughter at the playlist your guests have created for you. So much fun!

advice cards, messages, guests

Marriage advice

This has become a favourite at weddings over the last couple of years with many different alterations being made to the idea. It involves allowing your guests to write a little piece of signed marriage advice, but the world is your oyster as to how you present this idea. Perhaps they tie their little notes to some branches or drop them in a decorated jar.

wedding, box, mail, letters, bride, bridal

Message in the mail

Some guests may bring a card to your wedding, some may not and this idea is great for both! Set up an adorable, decorated mailbox at your wedding where guests can pop in their cards and letters to you. Be sure to also provide pens and paper for guests who haven’t brought their own card. It will be sweet to see what everyone has to say when given a more private way of sharing things with you!

thumbprint art, guest, wedding

Thumb print art

It might be a little messy, but it will be worth it! Provide guests with some ink or paint to dip their thumb into and a large piece of card to put their print on. You can also provide them with a fine point black pen to sign their thumbprint. After the reception, you can turn these thumb prints into an artwork by drawing little wings on them and turning them into buzzy bees or strings and turning them into balloons. Pick your colours to match what you intend to create!

jars, pretty, mason, wedding, decoration

Date Jar

The date jar has many variations on it, all of which are wonderful. The first is asking guests to write and sign an idea for a date night (or day) on a piece of paper and pop it in a jar. Other ideas are things such as a “Tiff Jar” for when the two of you may get into a tiff, guests write something funny or sweet to stop fighting and do with each other, or to remember about each other. The great thing about any jar idea is that it is something you can continue after your guest’s ideas run out. In the case of a Tiff Jar, when something funny or wonderful happens in your life, you can put it in the jar for when you may be feeling mad at one another.