7 Glamorous Ways to Accessorise on Your Wedding Day
By Lorna Urwin

10 March 2017

Jewellery is a fun way to liven up your bridal outfit with little effort. Pieces like rings, bracelets and necklaces are timeless, but for the bride who’s after something a little unexpected there are plenty of options beyond the traditional. Read on for some unusual jewellery ideas, from your head to your toes.

1/ Chain headpieces

Images by Bo and Luca and David Newkirk Photography

When it comes to bridal hair adornment, flower crowns, jewelled barrettes, tiaras and veils are obvious places to start. Less obvious, but equally pretty, is a more classic ‘jewellery’ look for your hair. Minimal single or double chain varieties look elegant paired with an updo (try with a chic chignon or a messy bun). More embellished versions channel a boho vibe while making more of a statement, whether by using multiple chains, centrepieces or features like fringing or filigree patterns.

2/ Shoulder jewellery

Images by AMYO Bridal

Traditionally, a necklace around the collarbone is the beginning and end for jewellery when it comes to the upper body area. Shoulder jewellery is a twist on this design that works beautifully with strapless or off-the-shoulder wedding dresses. For bridalwear, often the most delicate options work best to enhance rather than overwhelm the rest of your outfit (think tiny chains or fine beadwork). If you’re opting for a simple dress, something with a more overstated design might be ideal to step up the glamour!

3/ Back necklaces

Images from Hedgehog Project and De La Luna

From Holly Golightly’s pearls in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Jennifer Lawrence’s waist-skimming strand of diamonds at the 2013 Oscars, a back necklace is a wonderful way of adding a dash of the unexpected to your look. To avoid obscuring the jewellery, they work great without a veil and with dresses that are backless or have a cut-out or low-cut back.

4/ Arm Bands

Images by Debbie Lourens Photography and Ayajewellery

The history of arm rings reaches back thousands of years, but in recent times they’ve been making a comeback! These are great worn on bare arms so tend to be preferred for warm weather weddings. There’s plenty of choice between between chunky cuffs or skinnier pieces, and you can choose the placement that most suits you - whether at or just above the wrist as with a traditional bracelet, just above the elbow or higher on your upper arm.

5/ Ring bracelets


These are simply bracelets connected by a chain to an attached ring. Sometimes going by the term ‘slave bracelets’ (due to the ring being enchained), these can make captivating and very pretty pieces of jewellery. Styles vary widely in terms of embellishment, from those that embody a very elaborate eastern look, to elegant minimal versions, or those with a focus on charms or appliques that further adorn the back of the hand. You might want to reserve this for your right hand – allowing your engagement and wedding rings to shine on the left!

6/ Stacking and midi rings

Image by Vrai and Oro

Stacking rings are layers of rings on the same finger, with midi rings referring specifically to those worn above the lower knuckle. These have been making waves as a jewellery trend in the past few years and are still going strong, perhaps due to their flexibility to blend with different styles. Some pretty ways of wearing them include midi rings worn across multiple fingers, stacking rings on one finger or having an assortment of mismatched metals and shapes across your hand.

7/ Barefoot jewellery

Image by Leonardo Melendez Photography

For the carefree and natural bride, especially those marrying on the beach, going shoeless can be truly liberating (as well an opportunity to show off a pedicure!). If you want your feet to look a little dressier than normal for the occasion, barefoot ‘sandals’ might be the answer, from strings of beads connecting to an anklet to more heavily bejewelled varieties.